The Incorrect way of LIFE

It has been the trend for a couple or more generations nowadays. Our ancestors have developed the thinking that if you want to have a prosperous life, you should be a doctor, lawyer, engineer or any other profession that would make you respectable and admired by the common folk.

The trend is still continuous as many people are still going to various Universities and Colleges to hone their craft and practice their specialization, but many still fail. Is it because of the difficulty, the limited resources or personal matters that come in through the way that hinders the success?

It may be a factor but it may not be the reason. If we are to blame the difficulty, there are still successful people out there who have endured a great amount of hardships than those who are spending majority of their time reading and forcing their heads to understand what their books or their professors would want them to understand.

Limited resources would not be acceptable because many successful people started with nothing. The only thing they had back then was their idea, they pursued their idea and created something out of nothing. We are living on our own shoes, thus we should have our own identity and not go through the path taken up by our childhood hero but rather take up our own road to success.

Personal matters might hinder our success, but it should not result to failure. Those matters are just challenges and our attitude toward those challenges would determine if we are to be successful or not.

The only thing that keeps us away from success is our mindset. Looking up to the modern era, the trend has been the same, you have to go to school and study for the first couple of decades of your life, then have a decent work for the next decade and save up for your future, have lovely partner, get a house and build your own family without thinking that you could have done better.

To those who have taken up this way of living, nothing is wrong with the life you have chosen but you should have been more open to more ways of living our short-lived life here on Earth.

If you are to take the same trend of life, you would have a family, a house and probably your family car but the problem lies on the way how to get those riches at the early stage of your life and most would probably go for the burden of loans.

The sad thing about this trend is that if you have started to invest on those major purchases for your family, you are now bound to WORK. WORK. and WORK. You would now be dependent on your WORK. And at the latter stages of your life you would spend the rest of your life dragging yourself to WORK and by the age you retire, you would think that you wished you have read this blog before going through with your life.

Imagine the burden of paying the monthly amortization for your dream house for a couple of decades or so and you would end up unsure on the path of your offspring other than the house you have left him. Imagine yourself rugged, old and wasted after retiring from decades of working lining up in a queue for your monthly pension which was not even enough for your medical expenses. Imagine yourself being a burden to your sons and daughters or even to your grand children.

Because of the wrong way of life instilled to our minds when we were young, we would be a burden to our loved ones and to society. Which is why I would like to introduce the new way of life here.



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