The Year End Grind



When the year is about to end, everyone makes their wishes, eating like there is no tomorrow, opening presents and the like but for the accountants out there, the hell they care.

When you tell the word “year-end” to any accountant you know, their face would surely frown because of those things they missed so badly because their workload during this period of time is at its peak (or should I say mountain peak?)

With the sales team able to know the results of their marketing efforts they will go to vacation, the operations team able to do every task expected of them by clients they will also go to vacation but for accountants, their miserable life starts. When everyone is done on their duties and reports, the accountants start to work. And in this time they work like robots.

Sure they may have an accounting system or software that would help them, but those are only tools. Tools to make their life easier but it won’t be enough to take off the weight of their responsibility in reporting the financial status of their organization. A simple error or a missed item could have resulted to a misstatement in the financial statements and eventually led to a poor decision by management.

Another aspect of being an accountant is the timing of information to decision makers which would be a hint to everyone’s allergy, the ‘deadline’. The management yearly set-up a meeting to decide on various matters and the most important thing they would rely on to is the financial statements that shows how the organization performed for the year and how can they sustain or improve their performance. They may also use it to decide on a potential joint venture with another entity, and if those information is not available during the meeting, you are correct to the notion that the accountant was not prompt on his deadline.

A year of operations summarized into a set of data made to be available to users on a specific time to be done in a month or so number of days is like hell for them. Notwithstanding the monthly reports they have to prepare. Year-end is indeed a struggle for most of them. Whereas everyone is preparing for a year-end party, they are on their offices finishing up their reports as fast, accurate and reliable as they could. Afterwards, they would surely have no more energy left out of their bodies to go on parties, which is why they prefer to rest.

What a weird life they have indeed. Only their colleagues can understand them and they are not even the majority which makes them really weird people who chose to go to work during the holidays and celebrate when others are already up for the challenge of the coming year.


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