MMORPG: A businessman’s GAME

During the early 2000’s, the emergence of MMORPG’s or Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games has been a hit. I for one has been addicted to these kind of games for some reasons but able to learn a lot of things. With these kinds of games, you would learn and expose yourself on the subject of Economics only in a video-game environment.

As a teen-ager, my high school friends introduced an MMORPG game and I was able to learn it quickly and definitely loved it. I would save my allowance even though I am starving just to have some money left to play the game for a straight number of hours just to get my characters stronger and richer. It was fun to see how your character gain strenght for every level it gains. From a regular past-time of playing video-games, it has became a part of my life. I never regret that part that I became addicted to such games because I have learned a lot too in playing such a game.

During our Economics class in high school, the game showed me first how the demand and supply works before the theoretical was introduced to me. I am even business strategies like hoarding and price undercutting in-game before knowing that businesses uses the same strategies to earn and sell more. It was really fulfilling to be exposed to those things before learning the theoretical part because it is hard to understand what an economics book is trying to say to a teen-ager whose mind is too raw to be introduced in the complicated world of business.

Through time, I were able to identify the benefits that MMORPG games taught me that can be used in business as follows:

  1. Earning requires doing the same thing repeatedly at the same time developing ways on how to be efficient. MMORPG’s would not only require you to do quests or kill monsters for your character to be stronger. You should also collect items and in-game money to buy better equipments that would give you better opportunities to produce more earnings that you can spend in the future. The same goes for a business, you should continuously do the things that generates you more money and think of ways on how you could maximize your earnings with less effort.
  2. Every item has its worth. This also applies in real life, every item you got right now could be worthless as of the moment, but as time passes by, it might worth a lot. Many people does not realize the use of what they have, be it a skill, talent or tools that they can use to earn, they only care for money whereas they can make money.
  3. Growth does not have limit. I have come to a point where I think that I have all equipment I have dreamed of in-game then suddenly I saw someone having a better items and artifacts and still won’t stop until he owns the game, then I told to myself, I need to have those also. The same goes to business, the MORE the BETTER. If you have the ability to earn further, you should pursue what your heart desires because it does not have a limit.
  4. “Nothing in this world is constant except change.” This phrase is true in the digital or even in the business world. Price changes would favor you or not but you can do nothing about it but to adjust and to cope up with it. Being unable to cope up with these changes might end up unfavorable on your part. You might be holding to worthless products and services because there are betters out there in the market.
  5. Be updated in the market. Trends and changes happen on both the video-game and real world. You should always be updated on the latest hapennings around you. Never get involved into something that would eventually be off in the future because of a new rule or law to be implemented. Always check on the up and coming products that might affect your business or products that might help you earn more. Being updated with the current trends give you an edge over your competitors.

These are some of the thing I have learned during my playing days that are applicable to business. If you have some other thoghts, feel free to comment on this blog and if you were unable to appreciate this, I challenge you to play an MMORPG game and you would know what I am saying here.


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