The Unforeseen Treasure: The By-Product

With the emerging products that is being discovered here and there, business institutions nowadays would not settle on one product or service as their only source of income. Successfull business-owners did not stop thinking day in and day out just to come up with an idea that would make their business more profitable. Business-owners would not settle for the same results in the long run, there will come a time that they would feel that they are not maximizing their resources and that the business has become stagnant.

A stagnant business can be compared to a day job, you are earning a fixed income for a fixed amount of time and no business-owner would want that. You have decided to put up a business because you want to expand and multiply your income. If you would just have the same income over the years, better yet go for a day job and spend the rest of your life waiting for your monthly pension to come after you retire. A good entrepreneur should not be running out of ideas, if you are into providing a product or service, think of ways on what other product or service can you offer.

Having a by-product that would give you more opportunities to earn is a simple thing that can generate great results. The earnings from your by-product could be able to handle your operating costs or even provide another source of liquidity if you are into selling high-value products that are normally payable in form of installments.

We have seen how small things unnoticed can be great things when compounded or developed. The same thing goes for a business, imagine if you are a provider of printers and you are not maximizing your oportunity to earn through the ink and cartridges or a repair shop but do not provide spare parts to your customers when you can do so. Even the trending product of smartphones do require a power bank for many smartphone owners in the corporate world need to make sure that their phones won’t die when they are out in a meeting and needed to make a crucial phone call.

A litte observation or inquiry from your consumers and customers can make your business more profitable. You just have to interact directly to your customers and know their needs, wants and expectations to maximize your resources and earnings. It may be hard for you to handle unsatisfied customers and consumers but listening to them would be good not only for yourself as a business-owner but also for the profitability of your business. Do not stick to the usual products and services you are offering, never stop to learn new things that you could use to develop your business.

A business entity with continuous development would ensure success, what more if during the course of operations you were able to produce a by-product that would complement your main product. Having a by-product for some is a necessity specially if the by-product is consummable. A by-product also provides continuous earnings even though you are having a hard time selling your main or core products.

As a businessman, for every sale you would have a new concern, and for every concern you should take the opportunity to think of ways on how to address your concern. Having a by-product is one of the solutions I can offer. A simple, yet effective solution that has been tested throughout the years. Always take complaints as concerns for improvements, problems as obstacles and losses as new opportunities and success would be attainable. Having the right mindset in business is easy but taking it into action is a class act.


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