Introverts in the Business World is a Must

It is not a secret to many of us on what introverts can do to the world as we know it. They have made a great impact on how we live our lives since the discovery of their success in whatever field they choose.

Introvert defined is a shy person or a quiet person who does not find it easy to talk to other people.

You may wonder how these introverts could change the world, well, if not for these introverts, we would not be able to share our insights and ideologies on Facebook since its founder, Mark Zuckerburg, is an introvert himself. If not for introverts, we might not afford to have our own computers at home  without the great discovery of Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft.

Most introverts may spend their time alone, thinking, developing, conceptualizing or just observing and waiting for the right time that they have seen to come and do their thing that would make them stand out or prominent.

The same goes for the business world, in business, ideas have to be made, decisions had to be taken and figures have to be analyzed. Being in a team of extroverts is a good one, but strong personalities might just be a battle of ranks than a battle of ideas, much worse if it had been a battle of superiority over the others who would not accept defeat or denial.

The good thing about introverts in business is that they can work out or polish an idea, they can justify an objective decision that have been thought about multiple times after considering most of all factors, and mostly, they can easily figure out ways as to how to solve the problem thoroughly just like how they manage to solve problems on their own.

They may not be good socialists, but they are good thinkers. Having one of these types of people in an organization is valuable as they may observe some things that management may have overlooked, they may have great ideas that would greatly help the business grow tenfold or they may have thought of a possible solution to the problem at hand. They may be shy on a conference or two, but have their insights in a closed door one on one meeting and you might be able to acknowledge them and realize that you’ve found a precious gem right in your very eyes.

They may not be good motivators as they may be shy in talking to others and does not know how to approach correctly but they do not lack values that you would love. They are the best example of the trait “Lead by example”. If they do have the traits and values you would love to see on the workplace, keeping one would be beneficial in the long run.

They can be good advisers as they would expound the weight of a decision to be taken and the drawbacks that might happen. They often see the things in the bigger picture rather than what the common people see it. They also often think out of the box, rather than considering the given options at hand. Having one person that gives a different view of things is very helpful in business, especially on times that a great decision has to be taken up that would greatly affect the growth and continuity of an organization.

They may be the most annoying type of person but maintaining one would help you achieve your goals. Having introverts around may not be comfortable but business itself isn’t made to be comfortable. A good business person needs to maximize the talents around him and every person stand out on one aspect but not on other aspects. Having a good mix of people aiming the same objective working together or alone would greatly help an organization in more ways than one.


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