Never seek opportunities, create opportunities

Seeking opportunities through a form of a job is the primary objective of every individual who have entered the corporate world, but once you have that spot you have worked for in the interviews and all, will you be satisfied? after spending your talents, skills, knowledge and time for that job, will you feel gratified? or will you be contented on the whole cycle and are you ready to do the same for the rest of your life?

If your answer is yes, then I pity you for having to waste such talents and time to just rely your fate to someone else. If your answer is no, I feel the same way too. Having to study in the early stages of our life, we think that life’s flow is study in your youth then work until you retire and rely to the government until your last breath.

I may be harsh but it is the real scenario in the corporate world. Employers would be buying your most precious asset, your TIME and if we fail to value our time, we may be receiving a few or more than what we deserve but we cannot complain. Good thing though, is that once we have enough resources, experience and ideas, we can have another option which is to create opportunities through a business.

Through a business, you would not need to seek opportunities to you but rather, you are creating opportunities in the following ways:

  1. You are giving employment – once you became a business owner, you will need people to do the day to day activities of your business, thus you are opening more opportunities to the community you are in.
  2. You are encouraging development – doing business does not only help your employees but also help the community where your business operates through taxes. Those taxes would then be used by the government to use in various development projects for the community.
  3. You are inspiring the community – once you became successful in the business endeavor, the community will look up to you and you may inspire a few people to do the same thing and tackle the same track that you have opened up to them.
  4. You may be opening up a tourist destination spot – who would have thought that man made wonders like the Leaning tower of Pisa, Great Wall of China, Rice Terraces or even Castles would amount to such tourist destinations on our time. They were built to be used in trade, defense and/or as a commodity but not as a tourist spot, it just happened that someone appreciated the beauty and the rest is history.
  5. You are making use of your time doing what you want – as I have said earlier, employers buy our most precious asset which happens to be our time, selling our lifetime through employment hinders us in choosing our passion, thus, having a free life being a prisoner of employment doing the same thing we would hate the rest of our lives. Venturing into business cancels out that aspect and we may end up in doing what we really want. We have seen photo studios, graphical designers and game developers go into business and those businesses were their life, their passion. We can do the same thing, doing what we want with our time and earn at the same time.
  6. You might earn more than what you can earn throughout your employment career – this is the most rewarding opportunity in business, what you think was impossible to earn in the employment sector, would be possible via business venture. Yes, there will be rough times, but once you have overcome those times through hardwork and perseverance, you will surely be on a good spot.
  7. You may be able to build a business empire – have you ask yourself if you can leave your post on your current job to your son or daughter once you have left this world? Death is unavoidable, yet the job in your current organization is not transferable to your son or daughter. Unlike in a business, you can see to it that your son or daughter and even your heirs would inherit what you have worked for. This is the greatest opportunity in business, one that we would love to do, and one that can ensure us that we can really rest in peace once our time has passed.

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