The very reason why you are poor is…

Are you are wondering why you are poor throughout your life? That whatever you do to earn money, you still end up being broke. You almost gave up on living and thought of taking your life because you have given up on doing the same thing over and over again. I’d say to you to think twice then. Even though you are born poor, you can still do something about it. If you think you are hardworking enough and is dying to make a living, then salute to you but this would not require you to exert more effort in whatever you do. All that I would advise you to do so is to think clearly and get away with all that you think for a moment.

The very reason why you are struggling to earn money is because you have the wrong mindset ever since the day you were born. You have been taught the wrong way in making financial decisions and you have lived up carrying the mistakes of those who have taught you. Having the incorrect mindset might give you the impression that what you are doing right now is the only way for you to survive, but clearly, it is not. There are a lot of ways for you and your family to survive, you just haven’t figured it out.

As children, we were taught to go to school, finish with outstanding grades and get a job that would make us stable the rest of our lives. I have been taught that way too but I have decided to get out of that path. Though it’s too late for me because I am already working on a corporate world, I am still not giving up on my dreams. My dreams are simple yet fulfilling. My most desired dream is to become financially free.

Have I confused you? Are you thinking that I am already financially free because I am already in the corporate world? I’m very sorry if I do but to tell you honestly I am not feeling financially free. I am dragging myselft to office everyday just to ensure myself of that paycheck I used to earn monthly doing office works. Yet, I am not happy, I don’t feel accomplished and sadly I feel that I am prisoner the rest of my life if I will stay employed the rest of my life.

I have watched a lot of motivational business videos on Youtube and learned that I must follow my gut. This gut of mine that makes me feel something whenever I am discovering the real path to success. It made me motivated when thinking that I could set myself free in the modern slavery that we so called as being employees. I learned that I should not spend the rest of my life working for somebody else and depend on a pension when I retire. I have become eager to become an entrepreneur, though I wasn’t on that path yet, I have opened up my mind on the possible things that I may take to be able to attain my most desired dream of becoming financially free.

It may take a while before I become an entrepreneur but I am not turning back on this plan. I have figured out that the path my parents have taught me is a trap. From the moment I figured a way out, I have changed my mindset. I ended up staying late at night for watching tips and tricks about starting a business that made me full of hope and drive that I haven’t experienced before. I felt that this path would be a challenging one but this is something that I would be willing to take a risk.

How about you? Have you been down in you life for being poor that you regret living? Have you taught the wrong way too? Do you feel that you have been living in trap that you can’t get away with? Feel free to share your experience and I would do the best I can to open up your mind change that wrong mindset you have.



The favorite Filipino past time: Malling


It has became a norm for Filipinos to go to malls regularly nowadays than it was before. It seems like every Filipino have developed the habit of going on Malls on a regular basis than to visit their dentists. What more can you ask for, malls are clean, air-conditioned and most of all, almost everything you need now are on the mall.

Every emerging business nowadays desire to put up a business on a mall because a lot of people flock on malls specially during holidays and weekends. Malls have replaced the traditional wet and dry markets that our ancestors are accustomed to in buying for their daily needs. With the volume of people a mall can hold, it has became a target of every entrepreneur to put up a branch in a mall. No matter how small, a lot of business establishments have remained their stalls in malls because it greatly benefits their business.

Even though not every stall in the malls are populated, even though not every boutique are making a bunch of money, businesses tend to stay because their exposure to malls have a beneficial effect to their operations and even marketing. Just being seen by avid mall goers who walk through their shops, they are making an impression to possible clients. Malls have became the partner of every businessman throughout the country.

Businesses have seen the benefit of having a branch in malls as there are a lot of malls still in construction throughout the country and each one for sure have only a few slots to offer as the rest are occupied. Though, there are only few businesses who can afford having a place in a mall, it can also be a productive one for new businesses. Having a mall outlet have greatly exceeded the benefits against the costs. The widened market attention have been the most significant. Once you have established a shop on a mall, you can be considered an up and coming entrepreneur because in a few days or months, people would recognize you and patronize you on whatever you offer on the table. Be it a new food that everyone would love to eat or a new clothing line that everyone would want to wear, exposing them through a mall is great benefit. Specially now that we are in the digital world, and people tend to capture anything new to them.

You might not notice that you have earned a great reputation on the market because someone of great influence have visited your shop on the mall and as if advertised your products online. Would that be possible in the traditional market where snatchers and thieves used to camp to do their thing? The added security to malls have really increased the marketability of its clients physically and digitally. Now, as the long weekend is about to end, let me finish this one as I have to go to my favorite mall and get a grab of coffee. May we see each other having our own stalls in malls sometime in the future. Thanks for reading.

The death of my beloved Alma Mater


This was the scenario last October 8, 2016 when volunteers composed of Imus Institute alumni where a prayer vigil was done to show support for their beloved high school teachers. The event is to show support for the twenty or so teachers and employees of the school who went on strike against management in the decisions that they have taken.

The issue started last year when the Board of Trustees of Imus Institute decided to rename the school, thus the legal identity of Imus Institute have ceased or simply died. This caused confusion to the teachers because the Imus Institute Employees Union or IIEU signed a collective bargaining agreement with Imus Institute Inc. or simply Imus Institute which is binding until the year 2020. Enclosed in the agreement are the rights of employees such as benefits, security of tenure and more.

Since the legal identity of Imus Institute Inc. has ceased, the teachers went on strike, as they have been clearly fooled by the management. If we are to look closely, the new school is on the same building, address and even the board of trustees/directors are the same. Even the other employees who did not went on strike are the same people that can be seen before the changes. The only change that can be observed is the change of name, but looking at it on a legal perspective, what really happened is that Imus Institute Inc. died and that the new school by the name of Imus Institute of Science and Technology is born.

This is clearly a legal way to divert the law and start again. Through this, all obligations of the old corporation would die and the new corporation is not required by law to pay all previous obligations if the old corporation have declared bankruptcy. Looking at it in a business perspective, it is the right decision, but, to leave things unclear to tenured teachers who have been the backbone of the Institution, who have given their blood, sweat and lifetime in molding the students, it is inhumane.

Now, it seems that the management does not want to talk things trough with the teachers went on strike. The alumni also expressed their disgust, guilt and anger on social media. Yet, as the saying goes, life goes on and business as usual. It pains me to see my former teachers outside the vicinity of the school and protesting all day under the heat of the sun. After teaching for around two decades, all their sacrifices, hardwork and passion would just end because of a business decision. They know from the start that they won’t be rich in the profession but because of their passion, they continued serving and teaching to instill knowledge, wisdom and values to students who greatly need them to be a better individual. They just want the collective bargaining agreement to be binding even though the other half of the signatory legally ceased.

I feel blessed to have been taught by the best. Yet for now, even though the sun seems to set on their hopes, there will always be people around them who would stand by them, shout with them and support them because they are fighting for their rights. Even though they are on the losing end, I still continue to admire them as they showed me how to fight and stand up to our ideals. ‘Till the end, they are still my idols.

Business in Everything

If we are to open our eyes, we would realize that entrepreneurship has a lot of options for everyone. If only every person would develop further their talents, skills and learn a little marketing and finance of their own, they can easily establish a business rather than preferring to go on a dayjob that would in time they might regret.

There are a lot of opportunities for everything a person does. From the simple task of cooking, someone might end up like Colonel Sanders who established KFC. If someone is into keeping himself fit for his own benefit, he can also be a trainer or instructor of his own gym. Every talent, skill and knowledge can be easily converted to a business as long as the person itself is willing to develop his craft and take the leap.

There are a lot of opportunities the world has to offer. Mankind never satisfies on the world and continuously craves for more. Once a product or service has been offered to us, we get used to it and in the long run, we tend to get more out of it or someone bright have thought of a way on how to make the most out of it.

There are needs that must be satisfied as well as wants and even expectations. Humans never run out of those three and therefore those with great minds has come up with ideas that greatly benefit them as well as those persons who consumes or use their ideas. The new products and services in the market are not available before, but because Man never gets satisfied in the long run, these needs would continue to pour and the persons with bright ideas would always be there to satisfy those needs.

Uber and Grabtaxi, carpooling applications that earns a few millions now never imagined that such ideas would generate them those profits they are earning nowadays. Even the simple task of t-shirt printing has also become profitable trough the years. Sometimes there were even events called upon by a group of people and would ask somebody to print a customized shirt for the event and viola! Easy money for them.

Another thing is gaming. Gaming nowadays has really gone on another level. Gaming has really become a norm nowadays. Be it from your smartphone to your Playstation or desktop, gaming companies have really earned through the boredom and lost of excitement of Man.

There are a lot of business around if we are to open our eyes. I know you guys have seen through a lot of things that may become a business interest. Don’t be shy and share it to everyone, we might have a billionaire blogger in the future. Thanks for the read!


The choice that we make today


I was moved very much by this quote of Bill Gates that it really triggers something in me. Even though I was not born poor, it really gives me the chills whenever I remember the exact phrase he said.

This quote speaks of itself and somehow motivates everyone to do better than what we are doing if we are not contented or satisfied with what are we getting as results. This simple quote applies to every one in every field. Life is hard as we know it which is why we look up to our parents to guide us, to protect us and to provide for us.

But when the time comes that we are on our own, we now have to weigh things out and decide for ourselves. Our parents would not be always on our side from that moment on. There may be some that will guide us but still, the decisions that we are taking would only benefit ourselves and sadly even some decisions might also hurt us in the end.

Everyday we are making decisions that in time, would haunt us or we would cherish. The choices that we make today will define our future. Those choices would also define how well did we do in choosing the decisions that we have taken and as to how satisfied are we in the outcome of those decisions.

But what differentiates the best from the rest is as to how they react to the atrocities they face on a wrong decision. Many individuals failed to have a ray of hope and go on ahead with what they have started. They tend to break once they are tested and weren’t even able resist the results of their mistakes.

We have to understand that in whatever path we take, we are still to make choices along the way. These choices may go unfavorable to us but we have to be ready for the consequences. We have to face the reality that is ahead of us and never look back. We have to realize that successful persons have conquered these atrocities that made them better and successful in the end.

Today, we may not be living in the life that we wanted to but it doesn’t necessarily mean that we would end up like this. We just didn’t got yet the break that we deserve, the deal that we would rake or the spotlight but fret not. Success does not happen in an instant. We have to put our hearts, life and blood into something for a really long time before we can be noticed. No successful fellow did it in one night. They have faced challenges along the way and they had taken the right choices and counter reactions throughout their lives.

Everything that didn’t go our way, we have to learn on how to adopt to it and take it as another challenge to overcome. We cannot just let something happen that we know that we don’t deserve. We have to fight for it and live trough it and think of ways on how we can overcome it as well as the upcoming challenges ahead of us. That way, we can say that we have succeeded in life and not become a poor fellow on our deathbeds.

Are Millennials really lazy?

Being a millennial, I have been wondering as to how other generations’ are looking upon us and most of them are saying that we millennials are lazy. Most of them say that during their generation, once they have been in a job, they are putting all their effort to stay in the job, get promoted and be stable whereas now, we millennials do not even give a dime on having a regular work and is not even satisfied in being stable.

The generation X or the generation before the millennials are looking down on us in everything we do because even in a simple task, we are too lazy. We are the generation that has been technology dependent and did not experience life the hard way as they did.

Their access to everything during their time is limited from educational matters like books to basic commodities like food, water and clothing. Which can easily obtained nowadays through the help of technology.

But do we deserve to be labelled as lazy if the things brought about by the generation ahead of us was developed by our generation and made it better for everyone? Do we need to carry the burden, if we have thought of ways on how to make things faster, simpler and efficient?

If weren’t for the creative minds of millennials, are we able to connect with our long lost childhood friend through Facebook? Would we be able to have the useful applications on our smartphones? Would we be able to use the internet the way it is now?

We may be labelled as lazy for various reasons and one of them is because we millennials tend to quit our job. As of today, various countries are having employment problems because the incoming generation, the millennials, tend to be laid back at work and does not love their jobs the way the previous generation had.

This may be threatening but looking at it further, aside from being laid back, millennials are also known nowadays to live with their parents and delay the idea of building up their own family. Do we, millennials have plans of settling down you ask?

Well don’t be threatened, we just have seen the struggle of our parents in the industrial age where they had to work for their family and for them to give their family a comfortable life. We millennials have learned our lessons from the previous generations’ mistakes.

You may call us as lazy, laid back and even no sense of direction but that doesn’t stop us to dream big. We are not loving our jobs the way other generations do because we have been aware that in these era, working is just a waste of time. We do not want to work for the rest of our lives. We are not satisfied on just having a stable job and live the rest of our lives being dependent on a monthly paycheck. We have discovered that in order to enjoy life, we need to be financially free and to do that, we all have our dreams of becoming entrepreneurs.

Not all millennials may think the same way but looking at the current situation of the world, only a few millennials are aiming to buy their own houses and the real estate industry is at rest. Where are the earnings of millennials going? Where exactly are they putting their hard earned money?

In behalf of all millennials I thank the generation before us for opening our eyes on your mistakes in living life. We have figured out the way on how life would be convenient for us in the future that could also benefit our offspring and the rest of their generations.

We millennials have realized that there were no worker or employee alone that became rich enough to be in the Forbes list. We identified that in order for us to enjoy our life the easy way, was to be in entrepreneurship. We may need the jobs for now, but once we have saved enough and started our own businesses, we will never look back to working again. Once we have mastered our craft and created our own regime, more and more millennials will go to the Forbes list.

Yes we are lazy, because we know the things where we must put our effort to. We are laid back because we do not directly benefit on how much effort we put up on our craft. We have no sense of direction because the current path we are taking is not yet the path we are targeting, but once we entered the path of entrepreneurship, every other generation would see how we will change the world and how we ought to change the game we called life. Everyone will see that there is a better path to take than the path instilled to us by our parents and that path is more fruitful that it can benefit not only the next generation but could also last for a few generations.

RA 10912: A business and a burden


There has been a newly enacted law under the Aquino Administration which aims to increase and develop the quality of professionals across the country – RA 10912 entitled An Act Mandating and Strengthening the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program for all Regulated Profession, Creating the Continuing Professional Development Council, and Appropriating Funds.

With this act, mixed reactions is being observed nationwide, and most reactions are against the it for various reasons such as:

  1. Costs of Seminars/ Training/ Workshops – during my half a decade in the corporate world and regulated by the PRC as a professional, I am very thankful whenever I were given an opportunity by the organization I am working for to attend to such seminars, training or workshops because it somehow relieves me of the stress as well as equips me of the new developments in the profession. The most rewarding though is that aside from the benefits I get from the activities, I get to join them at the expense of my employer. If I would be the one to pay such fees for a short time, I would not shell out the money but instead save it for the future because I can just read the various interpretations, rulings and revisions on the profession on the website of the professional governing body. For this very reason, many professionals have expressed their frustration for the said Law and you cannot blame them as these kind of activities are not free or should I rather say costly and time consuming.
  2. Professionals with multiple Certifications/License are doomed – imagine the burden would be if you are a CPA-Lawyer, Architect and Engineer, Doctor and Physical Therapist. That would mean that you need more CPD credits for you to renew one professional license, therefore, if you are a holder of two or more license, you to earn more CPD credits than the regular professional. This was not clarified though, but it might be the case specially if the two professions are of different studies.
  3. Will the CPD Council acknowledge other CPD Providers outside the country – in a country where even professionals do work outside the country for various reasons, there is no clarity as to how the OFWs would be able to renew their licenses and did not even consider those professionals who work abroad. The law is very raw and did not even consider the applicability to all professionals throughout the Filipinos around the world.
  4. Access to CPD activities – As per the PRC Website, they will be implementing the said law on the first quarter of 2017 and yet, if you click on the CPD Council, you will just be redirected to their homepage. How will the professionals be able to know of any chance to gain CPD Credits this way? Will the professionals would even be able to gain what they expected or would just feel that they are robbed? The newly enacted law clearly has its flaws yet the Governing body which is the PRC is still in full implementation, yet clearly they are not ready. Even the governing bodies of each profession had their hands and necks tied just to comply with this law. Whereas the professionals who are in need to renew their licenses come 2017 would eagerly register and attend these CPD activities for the sake of renewing their licenses without knowing if such activities are really governed by the CPD Council.

I do hope that by 2017, each professional governing body found its way to implement and conduct the activities to cater to their colleagues the soonest time possible. This is a big burden to every professional who studied hard during his/her college days and yet to be able to be in the profession, he/she needs to attend to such activities that does not guaranty a direct benefit to the individual but rather a financial benefit to the organizer of the event. May the Duterte Administration interfere with the implementation of this law as this is clearly a business to professional organizations and tenured professionals in various professions. Feel free to express yourself in the comments section.