RA 10912: A business and a burden


There has been a newly enacted law under the Aquino Administration which aims to increase and develop the quality of professionals across the country – RA 10912 entitled An Act Mandating and Strengthening the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program for all Regulated Profession, Creating the Continuing Professional Development Council, and Appropriating Funds.

With this act, mixed reactions is being observed nationwide, and most reactions are against the it for various reasons such as:

  1. Costs of Seminars/ Training/ Workshops – during my half a decade in the corporate world and regulated by the PRC as a professional, I am very thankful whenever I were given an opportunity by the organization I am working for to attend to such seminars, training or workshops because it somehow relieves me of the stress as well as equips me of the new developments in the profession. The most rewarding though is that aside from the benefits I get from the activities, I get to join them at the expense of my employer. If I would be the one to pay such fees for a short time, I would not shell out the money but instead save it for the future because I can just read the various interpretations, rulings and revisions on the profession on the website of the professional governing body. For this very reason, many professionals have expressed their frustration for the said Law and you cannot blame them as these kind of activities are not free or should I rather say costly and time consuming.
  2. Professionals with multiple Certifications/License are doomed – imagine the burden would be if you are a CPA-Lawyer, Architect and Engineer, Doctor and Physical Therapist. That would mean that you need more CPD credits for you to renew one professional license, therefore, if you are a holder of two or more license, you to earn more CPD credits than the regular professional. This was not clarified though, but it might be the case specially if the two professions are of different studies.
  3. Will the CPD Council acknowledge other CPD Providers outside the country – in a country where even professionals do work outside the country for various reasons, there is no clarity as to how the OFWs would be able to renew their licenses and did not even consider those professionals who work abroad. The law is very raw and did not even consider the applicability to all professionals throughout the Filipinos around the world.
  4. Access to CPD activities – As per the PRC Website, they will be implementing the said law on the first quarter of 2017 and yet, if you click on the CPD Council, you will just be redirected to their homepage. How will the professionals be able to know of any chance to gain CPD Credits this way? Will the professionals would even be able to gain what they expected or would just feel that they are robbed? The newly enacted law clearly has its flaws yet the Governing body which is the PRC is still in full implementation, yet clearly they are not ready. Even the governing bodies of each profession had their hands and necks tied just to comply with this law. Whereas the professionals who are in need to renew their licenses come 2017 would eagerly register and attend these CPD activities for the sake of renewing their licenses without knowing if such activities are really governed by the CPD Council.

I do hope that by 2017, each professional governing body found its way to implement and conduct the activities to cater to their colleagues the soonest time possible. This is a big burden to every professional who studied hard during his/her college days and yet to be able to be in the profession, he/she needs to attend to such activities that does not guaranty a direct benefit to the individual but rather a financial benefit to the organizer of the event. May the Duterte Administration interfere with the implementation of this law as this is clearly a business to professional organizations and tenured professionals in various professions. Feel free to express yourself in the comments section.


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