Are Millennials really lazy?

Being a millennial, I have been wondering as to how other generations’ are looking upon us and most of them are saying that we millennials are lazy. Most of them say that during their generation, once they have been in a job, they are putting all their effort to stay in the job, get promoted and be stable whereas now, we millennials do not even give a dime on having a regular work and is not even satisfied in being stable.

The generation X or the generation before the millennials are looking down on us in everything we do because even in a simple task, we are too lazy. We are the generation that has been technology dependent and did not experience life the hard way as they did.

Their access to everything during their time is limited from educational matters like books to basic commodities like food, water and clothing. Which can easily obtained nowadays through the help of technology.

But do we deserve to be labelled as lazy if the things brought about by the generation ahead of us was developed by our generation and made it better for everyone? Do we need to carry the burden, if we have thought of ways on how to make things faster, simpler and efficient?

If weren’t for the creative minds of millennials, are we able to connect with our long lost childhood friend through Facebook? Would we be able to have the useful applications on our smartphones? Would we be able to use the internet the way it is now?

We may be labelled as lazy for various reasons and one of them is because we millennials tend to quit our job. As of today, various countries are having employment problems because the incoming generation, the millennials, tend to be laid back at work and does not love their jobs the way the previous generation had.

This may be threatening but looking at it further, aside from being laid back, millennials are also known nowadays to live with their parents and delay the idea of building up their own family. Do we, millennials have plans of settling down you ask?

Well don’t be threatened, we just have seen the struggle of our parents in the industrial age where they had to work for their family and for them to give their family a comfortable life. We millennials have learned our lessons from the previous generations’ mistakes.

You may call us as lazy, laid back and even no sense of direction but that doesn’t stop us to dream big. We are not loving our jobs the way other generations do because we have been aware that in these era, working is just a waste of time. We do not want to work for the rest of our lives. We are not satisfied on just having a stable job and live the rest of our lives being dependent on a monthly paycheck. We have discovered that in order to enjoy life, we need to be financially free and to do that, we all have our dreams of becoming entrepreneurs.

Not all millennials may think the same way but looking at the current situation of the world, only a few millennials are aiming to buy their own houses and the real estate industry is at rest. Where are the earnings of millennials going? Where exactly are they putting their hard earned money?

In behalf of all millennials I thank the generation before us for opening our eyes on your mistakes in living life. We have figured out the way on how life would be convenient for us in the future that could also benefit our offspring and the rest of their generations.

We millennials have realized that there were no worker or employee alone that became rich enough to be in the Forbes list. We identified that in order for us to enjoy our life the easy way, was to be in entrepreneurship. We may need the jobs for now, but once we have saved enough and started our own businesses, we will never look back to working again. Once we have mastered our craft and created our own regime, more and more millennials will go to the Forbes list.

Yes we are lazy, because we know the things where we must put our effort to. We are laid back because we do not directly benefit on how much effort we put up on our craft. We have no sense of direction because the current path we are taking is not yet the path we are targeting, but once we entered the path of entrepreneurship, every other generation would see how we will change the world and how we ought to change the game we called life. Everyone will see that there is a better path to take than the path instilled to us by our parents and that path is more fruitful that it can benefit not only the next generation but could also last for a few generations.


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