The choice that we make today


I was moved very much by this quote of Bill Gates that it really triggers something in me. Even though I was not born poor, it really gives me the chills whenever I remember the exact phrase he said.

This quote speaks of itself and somehow motivates everyone to do better than what we are doing if we are not contented or satisfied with what are we getting as results. This simple quote applies to every one in every field. Life is hard as we know it which is why we look up to our parents to guide us, to protect us and to provide for us.

But when the time comes that we are on our own, we now have to weigh things out and decide for ourselves. Our parents would not be always on our side from that moment on. There may be some that will guide us but still, the decisions that we are taking would only benefit ourselves and sadly even some decisions might also hurt us in the end.

Everyday we are making decisions that in time, would haunt us or we would cherish. The choices that we make today will define our future. Those choices would also define how well did we do in choosing the decisions that we have taken and as to how satisfied are we in the outcome of those decisions.

But what differentiates the best from the rest is as to how they react to the atrocities they face on a wrong decision. Many individuals failed to have a ray of hope and go on ahead with what they have started. They tend to break once they are tested and weren’t even able resist the results of their mistakes.

We have to understand that in whatever path we take, we are still to make choices along the way. These choices may go unfavorable to us but we have to be ready for the consequences. We have to face the reality that is ahead of us and never look back. We have to realize that successful persons have conquered these atrocities that made them better and successful in the end.

Today, we may not be living in the life that we wanted to but it doesn’t necessarily mean that we would end up like this. We just didn’t got yet the break that we deserve, the deal that we would rake or the spotlight but fret not. Success does not happen in an instant. We have to put our hearts, life and blood into something for a really long time before we can be noticed. No successful fellow did it in one night. They have faced challenges along the way and they had taken the right choices and counter reactions throughout their lives.

Everything that didn’t go our way, we have to learn on how to adopt to it and take it as another challenge to overcome. We cannot just let something happen that we know that we don’t deserve. We have to fight for it and live trough it and think of ways on how we can overcome it as well as the upcoming challenges ahead of us. That way, we can say that we have succeeded in life and not become a poor fellow on our deathbeds.


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