Business in Everything

If we are to open our eyes, we would realize that entrepreneurship has a lot of options for everyone. If only every person would develop further their talents, skills and learn a little marketing and finance of their own, they can easily establish a business rather than preferring to go on a dayjob that would in time they might regret.

There are a lot of opportunities for everything a person does. From the simple task of cooking, someone might end up like Colonel Sanders who established KFC. If someone is into keeping himself fit for his own benefit, he can also be a trainer or instructor of his own gym. Every talent, skill and knowledge can be easily converted to a business as long as the person itself is willing to develop his craft and take the leap.

There are a lot of opportunities the world has to offer. Mankind never satisfies on the world and continuously craves for more. Once a product or service has been offered to us, we get used to it and in the long run, we tend to get more out of it or someone bright have thought of a way on how to make the most out of it.

There are needs that must be satisfied as well as wants and even expectations. Humans never run out of those three and therefore those with great minds has come up with ideas that greatly benefit them as well as those persons who consumes or use their ideas. The new products and services in the market are not available before, but because Man never gets satisfied in the long run, these needs would continue to pour and the persons with bright ideas would always be there to satisfy those needs.

Uber and Grabtaxi, carpooling applications that earns a few millions now never imagined that such ideas would generate them those profits they are earning nowadays. Even the simple task of t-shirt printing has also become profitable trough the years. Sometimes there were even events called upon by a group of people and would ask somebody to print a customized shirt for the event and viola! Easy money for them.

Another thing is gaming. Gaming nowadays has really gone on another level. Gaming has really become a norm nowadays. Be it from your smartphone to your Playstation or desktop, gaming companies have really earned through the boredom and lost of excitement of Man.

There are a lot of business around if we are to open our eyes. I know you guys have seen through a lot of things that may become a business interest. Don’t be shy and share it to everyone, we might have a billionaire blogger in the future. Thanks for the read!



One thought on “Business in Everything

  1. This is all so true. When I got let go, through no fault of my own-downsizing of the company, back in 2011, I had already been teaching private students on the side all along, just in small quantities. Being let go was the best thing that could have happened to me. I wasn’t happy in that job. While it was a steady pay check, and that is one of the things that is a downside of what I do now, I was incredibly unhappy every day and it was a waste of my talents. I finally made an official company out of teaching private students and performing. Because of being a mom to a 9 year old, my hours are limited so my earning potential is limited.

    I also have so many ideas for other businesses that I wish I could open. Little whimsical ideas that I think would be killer ideas and take off because I’ve never seen anything out there like them but I don’t have the financial means to do so, I couldn’t qualify for the loan it would take to get started. I also have some amazing invention ideas that I wish I knew someone who could create me a prototype so I could possibly pursue that avenue as well. But there are so many opportunities for this sort of thing. The show shark tank is proof of that. Cupcake Wars. Who would have thought people could have had an entire store just selling cupcakes.

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