The favorite Filipino past time: Malling


It has became a norm for Filipinos to go to malls regularly nowadays than it was before. It seems like every Filipino have developed the habit of going on Malls on a regular basis than to visit their dentists. What more can you ask for, malls are clean, air-conditioned and most of all, almost everything you need now are on the mall.

Every emerging business nowadays desire to put up a business on a mall because a lot of people flock on malls specially during holidays and weekends. Malls have replaced the traditional wet and dry markets that our ancestors are accustomed to in buying for their daily needs. With the volume of people a mall can hold, it has became a target of every entrepreneur to put up a branch in a mall. No matter how small, a lot of business establishments have remained their stalls in malls because it greatly benefits their business.

Even though not every stall in the malls are populated, even though not every boutique are making a bunch of money, businesses tend to stay because their exposure to malls have a beneficial effect to their operations and even marketing. Just being seen by avid mall goers who walk through their shops, they are making an impression to possible clients. Malls have became the partner of every businessman throughout the country.

Businesses have seen the benefit of having a branch in malls as there are a lot of malls still in construction throughout the country and each one for sure have only a few slots to offer as the rest are occupied. Though, there are only few businesses who can afford having a place in a mall, it can also be a productive one for new businesses. Having a mall outlet have greatly exceeded the benefits against the costs. The widened market attention have been the most significant. Once you have established a shop on a mall, you can be considered an up and coming entrepreneur because in a few days or months, people would recognize you and patronize you on whatever you offer on the table. Be it a new food that everyone would love to eat or a new clothing line that everyone would want to wear, exposing them through a mall is great benefit. Specially now that we are in the digital world, and people tend to capture anything new to them.

You might not notice that you have earned a great reputation on the market because someone of great influence have visited your shop on the mall and as if advertised your products online. Would that be possible in the traditional market where snatchers and thieves used to camp to do their thing? The added security to malls have really increased the marketability of its clients physically and digitally. Now, as the long weekend is about to end, let me finish this one as I have to go to my favorite mall and get a grab of coffee. May we see each other having our own stalls in malls sometime in the future. Thanks for reading.


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