The very reason why you are poor is…

Are you are wondering why you are poor throughout your life? That whatever you do to earn money, you still end up being broke. You almost gave up on living and thought of taking your life because you have given up on doing the same thing over and over again. I’d say to you to think twice then. Even though you are born poor, you can still do something about it. If you think you are hardworking enough and is dying to make a living, then salute to you but this would not require you to exert more effort in whatever you do. All that I would advise you to do so is to think clearly and get away with all that you think for a moment.

The very reason why you are struggling to earn money is because you have the wrong mindset ever since the day you were born. You have been taught the wrong way in making financial decisions and you have lived up carrying the mistakes of those who have taught you. Having the incorrect mindset might give you the impression that what you are doing right now is the only way for you to survive, but clearly, it is not. There are a lot of ways for you and your family to survive, you just haven’t figured it out.

As children, we were taught to go to school, finish with outstanding grades and get a job that would make us stable the rest of our lives. I have been taught that way too but I have decided to get out of that path. Though it’s too late for me because I am already working on a corporate world, I am still not giving up on my dreams. My dreams are simple yet fulfilling. My most desired dream is to become financially free.

Have I confused you? Are you thinking that I am already financially free because I am already in the corporate world? I’m very sorry if I do but to tell you honestly I am not feeling financially free. I am dragging myselft to office everyday just to ensure myself of that paycheck I used to earn monthly doing office works. Yet, I am not happy, I don’t feel accomplished and sadly I feel that I am prisoner the rest of my life if I will stay employed the rest of my life.

I have watched a lot of motivational business videos on Youtube and learned that I must follow my gut. This gut of mine that makes me feel something whenever I am discovering the real path to success. It made me motivated when thinking that I could set myself free in the modern slavery that we so called as being employees. I learned that I should not spend the rest of my life working for somebody else and depend on a pension when I retire. I have become eager to become an entrepreneur, though I wasn’t on that path yet, I have opened up my mind on the possible things that I may take to be able to attain my most desired dream of becoming financially free.

It may take a while before I become an entrepreneur but I am not turning back on this plan. I have figured out that the path my parents have taught me is a trap. From the moment I figured a way out, I have changed my mindset. I ended up staying late at night for watching tips and tricks about starting a business that made me full of hope and drive that I haven’t experienced before. I felt that this path would be a challenging one but this is something that I would be willing to take a risk.

How about you? Have you been down in you life for being poor that you regret living? Have you taught the wrong way too? Do you feel that you have been living in trap that you can’t get away with? Feel free to share your experience and I would do the best I can to open up your mind change that wrong mindset you have.



4 thoughts on “The very reason why you are poor is…

  1. Qiu says:

    Definitely, I feel financially attached to the job I’m working. I’m still going to school, but I the moment I graduate, I find we all make the mistake to go get a stable job too fast without living properly first. I personally choose to travel and to give any of my ideas a chance before settling and working


      1. Qiu says:

        I’m glad to! I personally find cutting ties with the stability we are used to is the best way to do things that seem unrealistic like travelling: getting a job, a career after graduation, etc. My personal goals are finding any job abroad (waitress at a restaurant, English teacher, etc.) and travel because these experiences shape a career just as much. It’s about letting go what we know is secure.

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  2. Its strange how a newborn child is sent to school and educated so that he can finally find a job. What if I want to be a duck?😂 I know this is lame but I read it on twitter. I actually interpret it as children are just taught irrespective of their interests. Just to make money. Look at billionaires, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, they all are college dropouts. Am not saying that aiming to earn money is wrong but you must follow your heart.!


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