Business and Traffic


Be it foot traffic, vehicle traffic or even internet traffic, someone or group of individuals would eventually come up with an idea of creating  a business out of the traffic. If we are to observe thoroughly, as long as there are a lot of people around a particular place, there is a business opportunity.

The traffic caused by the pile of people or vehicles is an opportunity for business minded persons to earn from it. Along major street and highways, we could see billboards and various advertisements that might get the attention of the persons inside their vehicles while traversing the roads.

Have you been riding your subway system recently? did you observe that there are a lot business establishments that popped up around it? Because a lot of people use the trains and those people would most likely be going to work all throughout the day and once their works are over, they will ride the same train to go home.

That would be a common person’s thinking but an entrepreneur would think otherwise, he would think that those persons riding the trains would eventually get hungry and they would put up restaurants and cafeterias around the train stations. They would think that the people riding the trains would love to shop after a tough day and there goes the malls.

Whenever there is a lot of people, there is the opportunity to gain money and become an entrepreneur. Public places like churches, schools and terminals are loaded with business establishments around because people used to gather around those places. When there is a lot of people, there is always business opportunities.

The same goes for the internet. We have seen how Justin Bieber became famous with just a Youtube video. Through that event, people realized how the internet can unite everyone in one place that businessmen came up with an idea of maintaining their own websites to get in touch with their clients and partners online.

Traffic has really had opened up opportunities for everyone, though we may run out of patience, there are some people with bright minds that have thought of a way on how to earn out of the traffic. Have you seen a place with a lot of traffic lately? Ever thought of having a business in that place? Have you seen people around the place who have became the benefactors of the traffic?


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