The modern slavery called employment

Going back to my college days, I have dreamed of geting a stable job and earn money for myself but a good old friend of mine said, I am only saying those works because I haven’t been working yet. They have been there, and on the times that they were employees, they wished that they stayed in college or high school.

Now that I am working, I am now realizing that what he said is true. Once you start working, you would realize and wish that you stay on being a student, depend on the allowance that your parents give you and make each day count with your colleagues. Now I realized that being employed is like being in prison. That you have to drag yourself every morning, go to work and do your daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly duties that you won’t realize that time will pass by quickly.

It’s like having your hands and feet cuffed, that you only get a little time for yourself everyday. There will be even times that you have to go on overtime, do your work at home and even do spend holidays at the office. It is as if your life is chained until your retirement. All your energy and time will be wasted on doing the same thing over time.

Yes you will get paid, that may be the little thing that separate employees from slaves, you also get to rest during weekends and holidays but still, is it enough to waste your life working for something that would not be yours in the end. Something that you cannot transfer to your kids when you die.

Slaves don’t get the freedom that employees have whenever they are on their own but still, it looks the same. They are doing the same thing over and over again, dragging their selves to do their thing and yet, are they happy? Slaves and employees do still have the same feelings after all right? There may be employees full of self confidence, self contentment and ego but once they lose everything upon retirement, when their youth is behind them, when they have lost their energy due to ageing, how will they feel? Will they still feel that they belong? That they have established something? Let us make a choice that even though we would be forgotten, we have lived up our lives on how we want it to and not how everyone used to live.

I am not saying that you quit your job and beg others to help you out. All I’m saying is that never get attached to the job you are doing because there will come a time that you will regret that you choose your job rather than having the life you wanted to live. Thanks for the read and have a nice day!


3 thoughts on “The modern slavery called employment

  1. A billion claps for this Words of Wisdom.
    True the only difference between employees and slaves are that employees get Paid and enjoy holidays.
    And you are very Right about telling us not to give up our Life to the Job and forget about Enjoying Life with our Family and Friends.
    Unfortunately, most people do exactly this. They are so keen to get their Promotions or Compete with one another, that they become Total Employer’s Slaves.
    Thank God, I do not follow that path. I make sure to keep office tensions in office and when at home, I totally dedicate myself to my own pleasures and joys.


    1. A lot of people prioritize being employed that they are looking forward to the corporate ladder and never come to their minds that the positions they are holding in their organization are just temporary and somwthing that they cannot pass on to their offspring.


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