Insights on Robert Kiyosaki’s Guide to Investing – Chapter I


As part of my advocacy to share to everyone what I have learned from this book, I would be continuing to do this thing until I reach the end of this book. If you feel that you miss something out, I would update and link everything up once I get to post a few chapters of the book for you guys to have an ease of access on Chapters that you missed. I would commit myself to post at least a chapter a day and if ever I miss one, I’ll try my best to compensate and post a couple of chapters on a particular day. (Isn’t that an early Christmas gift to everyone?)

Going from the introduction we proceed to Chapter I with the title “Are you mentally prepared to be an Investor?”. It was indeed a powerful and intriguing question to me at first because I thought that I am sure enough that I am mentally prepared to become one, yet the chapter surprised me a lot. I bought the book expecting me to teach me how to invest and to know the benefits of investing but the chapter started on an intriguing, challenging and powerful question.

We are talking about investing and you would ask me if I am mentally prepared to become an Investor? Should the question be asked by a psychiatrist or a neurologist? It is as if there is something wrong on how I think about investing that made me question myself. I started to doubt my decision to buy this book because he questions my way of thinking but then I realized something. He is already an established individual whereas I am a struggling employee, dragging myself daily to work and earn a paycheck while he is an established individual who have created riches and had his own legacy, so I continued reading.

In reading the chapter, it introduced two kinds of investors, the qualified and the sophisticated investor. From that moment, I realized that you do not need to become a rich person to be able to become an investor. All you need to have are the three E’s which is Education, Experience and Excess cash. Missing out on one among the three would most likely would lead to losing money as an investor. But once you have attained those three things, you would surely attain your dreams as what have rich dad and the author have accomplished.

It is indeed inspiring that the even Robert Kiyosaki himself was like me before. A person on his mid-twenties, having the drive and passion to become an Investor. He also seemed to have the education because he was trained by rich dad in the ways of the money as what I have been taught in business school. From that moment on, I got excited, I wiped down the floor of the bookstore and started reading on because that young Robert was just like me now and I would like to know what he did, what are his formulas and more. I have come to a thinking that if he started from that point on, I might get a grasp on how he thinks as an Investor which led me to read the next chapter.


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