Insights on Robert Kiyosaki’s Guide to Investing – Chapter 3


I cannot believe that I constantly do this now for fourth straight day. Seeing the balloon on the notifications was really heartwarming and motivating. I do not even know on how to start off with this new chapter. I cannot think of a fine way on how I would write and discuss it to all of you. I am now on the verge of sharing how this little book have transformed my mindset, and how this little book could help you out in your financial woes.

The title may look to be only for the rich as you would only hear the word investing from them but what this book really gave me was more than that. Proceeding on to the chapter, it was quite a really short read at about between 300-500 words that I was able to finish it quick but the feeling that I have felt from the previous chapter was still there.

I do not know what to call the strange feeling that made my stomach crumble, my mind so focused and my body so light. Even though the author introduced some points, I didn’t feel that I’m exhausted or tired from reading the introduction up to this chapter. As far as I read, the strange feeling that I felt from reading the book was the same and this chapter is not excused from that feeling.

This chapter was titled “The Choice”. It was not a choice between investment securities or portfolios but rather a scheme where you have to choose what would you like to prioritize. The choices are secure, comfortable and rich. Based on the three choices, most people would choose the same ranking of priority as to how the author laid it out. The common path of people was to find a secure job, live a comfortable life then whatever left is invested to make themselves rich.

That was the easy path everyone planned to take on their lives because it was the path with the less risk. I for one had also chosen that part after graduating from college but from the time that I started working, I realized that this is not the path that I would be happy for the rest of my life. Living through the common path that I started, it felt like it was a burden to spend my time that every time I wake up and look on the mirror, I ask myself if this would be it the rest of the way.

Good thing though that Mr. Robert Kiyosaki presented another path. Another set of priorities that might work and might make the rest of my life meaningful. He wished his readers to aim to become rich to have a comfortable life and secure future. Those were his priorities that made me realize that it was the same path that I am looking for. Good thing that I met this lovely book of him.

Note: If you missed the earlier chapters here are the links:

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