Insights on Robert Kiyosaki’s Guide to Investing – Chapter 4


Have you ever been in a situation where you feel that you do not have enough money? That all you can do is worry, complain and regret decisions? That you tend to believe that you are hopeless and your dreams are beyond your reach? Then your money problem is just one of your problem and you have another greater problem that you have to address to. You clearly have a problem with your mindset if all your answers to the earlier questions is a resounding yes.

In continuing on this daily insight I am imparting, the author have introduced another good point of thinking about money. He mentioned that there are two views on things, which also applies to money. If you constantly think that you do not have enough money, the same exact thing would happen to your finances but if you think otherwise and not panic whenever you have money problems, you would most likely have financial security the soonest.

How can I possibly say those by just reading through the book? Well, those people who think like the latter are those people who are seeing the other side of the coin. They are the people who have seen how the rich thinks and emulate it. They have seen through the intentions, motives and plans of the rich. They are those who have learned how to think differently against those who have seen the world of not having enough money.

As for people who have only seen one view of the world. They tend to see it as they cannot escape poverty or being poor. And as long as they think that way, they fail to figure out ways on how to view the world differently. If most of your answers on the earlier paragraph are yes, then you need to restart your life. You need to view things differently to change your mindset and get through your problems before time runs out. As long as you can still develop your mindset and think differently, there is still hope.

Instead of thinking that the world you are living is a world with less money, think of ways on how it would be a world with a lot of money. As a challenge by the author in the title of the chapter, “What kind of world do you see?”, everyone of us needs to figure out the source of our financial woes by looking deep inside ourselves and change our mindset if necessary to attain the world we long to experience.




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