The FLAMES of my childhood

via Daily Prompt: Flames

During my childhood days particularly elementary, around the early 2000’s, FLAMES was a hot thing in terms of match making. The aim is to know your romantic status towards someone else. FLAMES itself was just an acronym for Friends, Lovers, Anger, Marriage, Enemy and Soulmates.

Before dating sites, there were FLAMES. Though it has a lot of varieties in, a lot of kids during my time used it. They usually put their names along with the name of their crush or classmate.

It was really a crazy idea as to why would the names of two persons relate to their relationship with each other. The minds of kids during those times were really something. Even without the internet or the ipad, kids were able to had fun and I am glad that I lived my childhood days during those times.

Sorry for not telling the names of the ladies that I put my names with through FLAMES but one thing I’ll tell you, everyone of them was astonishingly beautiful back then. Some have become even more beautiful but most have lost their beauty now. Nonetheless, I would never forget those cute childhood memories as well as their looks during those days.


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