A break from the norm

I have done giving my eighth insight now on Robert Kiyosaki’s Guide to Investing. I feel that I can do it further until I finish giving the last insight on last the chapter but circumstances have prompted me to take a break. I had to attend to something this week and will resume on doing the usual insights over the weekend.

For those who are constantly reading them, thank you very much and now, you would have to live the day by not being able to read one. As to those who are annoyed and pissed off by those blog posts, you may now cherish and celebrate yourself as you would not see any of those boring and useless posts.

As I’ve said I can still continue giving insights but because of something that I had to attend to, I might not have the necessary resources and convenience as before in writing those insights.

Everybody deserves a break. Though breaking my devotion and habit in sharing my thoughts and beliefs is something that I could never stop doing, there will be times like this that we had to stop for a certain time until we can do it again. Worry not for those who love those posts as I would compensate for the days that I were not able to post anything. Do not expect though that I would post everything on the same day.

Thank you all for your understanding, in case you want to re-read, here are the links:


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