The thing that ruined my routine

Hello! Here am I again with my fingers on top of my laptop. The feeling I missed a lot in these past week. As much as I wanted to continue on giving chapter insights about Robert Kiyosaki’s Guide to Investing, I would love everybody to know what ruined my routine. It was a pain to spend every night last week playing with my smartphone, watching tv or just laying on the bed. If only a book would fit in my bag, I would love to bring one for that week but I can’t. Last week I attended a seminar on Philippine Public Sector Accounting System (PPSAS), which is the second time that the Philippine Government Accounting System would change in the last thirty (30) years.


The seminar/training started from Monday (November 14) and ended on Friday (November 18). It was spearheaded by the Government Accountancy Sector (GAS) of the Commission on Audit (COA) aiming to harmonize the financial statements of all Government Agencies of the Philippines.

The event was hosted by Ms. Cristina C. Gungon, a Training Specialist of COA under the Government Accountancy Sector. She is the one responsible to make our mornings and afternoons fresh and lively. I would say that she have done a pretty good job at the expense of the trainees by requesting us to perform in front, specially the late comers.

The training was held at the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildilfe Center in Quezon City from Monday to Friday and at the National Housing Authority for the last day of the training.


This was the entrance to the Ninoy Aquino Wildlife Center. According to our co-trainees, there were the three (3) entrance routes that we can take but I were only able to see the two entry points and only capture one for documentation purposes. (I am sorry for rushing this one but this is the best shot I can get as I am afraid of performing in front)


After a short walk from the entrance, a better signage would welcome you in the vicinity that’s worth to take a picture with.


Being a Wildlife Center, its meant to have many trees around. But the ones that intrigued me more are:


The infamous Balete Trees. A lot of trees can be seen throughout the Wildlife Center but it was the Balete Trees that intrigued me a lot. It was such an art during the day but when it gets dark, it is creepy, I wonder how the people in the vicinity walk through those trees during the dark.


Then there was also a figure of the late Benigno Aquino Jr. The namesake of the Wildlife Center.


But the thing I liked the most on the Wildlife Center was the lake. The air from the lake makes me forget that I was in a poluted city in Metro Manila, it felt like I was in a province.


There was also this “Elephant Sculpture” which is a good spot to take a picture with for tourists. These were some of the things I urged myself to enjoy despite of not being able to keep in touch with everybody, and it sort of fill up the emptiness I am feeling of being unable to write something.


Going back with the seminar, we have made a lot of new friends as there were around seventy (70) of us who attended the event.


And the seminar was filled with a lot of exercises. Exercises to awaken those who feel sleepy during the seminar as well as to grasp quickly what was discussed.

And during the last day, there was a workshop wherein we are tasked to convert our financial statements to the desired reporting standard to be implemented in reporting for the 2016 Financial Statements.

Overall, it was a good training/seminar wherein we are able to refresh and learn a lot. Although no one could easily learn everything from the get go, the good thing is that everyone would implement the desired changes as mandated as well as quipped with the knowledge and know how on preparing the financial statements. Thus, I can say it was still a productive one, but still, it ruined my routine.


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