Insights on Robert Kiyosaki’s Guide to Investing – Chapter 9


Am I serious? Trying to write another insight on a Sunday night? Well, after writing about Chapter 8 earlier, I felt like something hit me and decided to post another one to compensate everyone for the days that I weren’t able to publish a post.

Well aside from the urge I felt, I have also observed that Chapter 9 is short that I can easily share an insight about it. It was titled “How can you find the plan that is right for you?”. Mr. Kiyosaki mentioned five steps in determining the right plan for you. As much as I want to share the content of the book, I would not go through that as I may become liable for violating copyright issues. Besides, the steps are quite simple and it could be summarized on to one step which is to assess yourself.

Many business enthusiasts fail in business for the very reason that they have failed to determine what their plans are. Most of the times, they are seeking help or advice from family, friends and colleagues but none among those persons have actually helped them. Sometimes we really just have to follow our gut feelings and dreams.

According to Mr. Kiyosaki, once you are certain on the plan that you ought to take, that’s the time that you may talk to others but not necessarily to those who wouldn’t help at all. You can seek professionals like lawyers, accountants, brokers and fellow businessmen. You wouldn’t like to hear from people that doesn’t think the same way you think in pursuing your plans. After all, it will be your life that you want to change and your dreams that you want to become a reality.

This was really a short chapter yet full of content and learning. I was amazed that the author has developed his advice to cope up with everyone of different financial statuses. His steps in determining the right plan was really something that every business enthusiast must follow. The steps are not even hard at all because everyone, once in their lives would come to a point that they ask themselves on what path to take, the only difference was just not everyone have the courage to do what they needed to do in order to succeed.


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