Insights on Robert Kiyosaki’s Guide to Investing – Chapter 10


Here we go now on Chapter 10 with the title “Decide now what you want to be when you grow up”. This chapter was full of stories and conversation between rich dad and Mr. Kiyosaki but what the author would want to highlight on this one is for his readers to figure out what they badly want.

The chapter’s lesson was alike the one on Chapter 3 wherein the author made his readers choose between security, comfortable and rich. Once you have decided you now pan out your ways on achieving your goals based on the priorities given. But what I was amazed in this chapter was how rich dad enriched the mind of our lovely author.

I was shocked to know that getting rich is boring for him but it was tested and it works. The problem though with it is that once you get bored, you might be enticed by various investment tools around the market but are risky.

There was also an enlightening conversation wherein a lot of people fail to consider the path of investing and chose to live through their lives doing boring things as employees. The problem with people is that once they are secure, they ended up being contented and would be trapped in a loop.

This chapter alone had opened my mind to look for possible ways of earning without depending on a day job. After learning every bit of information the chapter has to offer, I was able to see and appreciate what life has to offer. That there are other paths that I can take, yet I was afraid because I wasn’t that confident. Because of this chapter, I have become more open and able to see how investing can help my life to become rich, comfortable and secure.


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