Looking forward for more


I never imagined that I would reach this milestone, it never entered my mind to get this much attention as I was only getting little to nothing of it when I was starting out to write. I cannot believe that in almost a month’s time, my blog would grow to such a level that I never imagined.

I thank all the people who appreciate my way of writing even though I don’t have those flashy and eye-popping photos. I also thank those people who constantly read and appreciate whatever I write. Lastly, I thank those fellow bloggers who have posted their tips and tricks on generating traffic that many bloggers failed to do in starting out their blogs.

In celebrating this milestone, let me share my ways on how I generated this milestone (directly and indirectly) and how I plan on getting more in the future.

  1. Support fellow bloggers – when we say support, clicking the reblog button would not suffice if you have only a few followers (although it helps). Supporting a fellow blogger is about following those blogs that interests you, commending the author on how honestly you feel while reading his post and constantly read them. You won’t get anywhere if you just follow a blogger and expect him to follow you back. Interacting with fellow bloggers is the thing that you should constantly do.
  2. Make use of social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other more famous sites are helpful in generating traffic. Although your likes on social media would not be counted through your blogging platform, it helps in generating traffic aside from the blogging platform you use. Make sure you link your posts to your social media accounts as people will be one day or another feel irritate of posts about rants and frustrations. They would love to read something of value rather than those things.
  3. Constantly write content – it’s non sense if you have thousands of followers yet you are not posting content. Do not expect to gather traffic by sitting idly and let your followers view your old posts that are a few weeks or months ago. They would not waste time to scroll through your page when once in a while they are seeing new posts from other bloggers. You are not the only person they are following and you are not the only person writing their hearts out.
  4. Do not follow what you cannot read – if you intend to do tip number one which is to support fellow bloggers, it is not recommended though to follow everyone recommended to you. If you cannot read them because their posts are too long for you to read then unfollow them. If they are posting ten or more posts per hour that did not give you a rest in reading, unfollow them. Never let down those bloggers you follow yet you cannot read their posts.

That’s all for now. Again, thank you to all of you! I cannot think of any words now on how I could express my gratitude on this milestone so I will end this in three, two, one…


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