Insights on Robert Kiyosaki’s Guide to Investing – Chapter 18


After learning the magic in mistakes, the author now asks “What is the price of becoming rich?”. While reading on the chapter, I have found out that there are a lot of ways to become rich since the author enumerated 8 ways in becoming rich.

The catch though is that not all ways are legal, moral and some might make you really rich yet at the end, you may still lose it all. The preferred way of Mr. Kiyosaki in becoming rich is to become financially smart.

Becoming financially smart would lead you to riches because you can easily understand and assess your financial standing. A lot of rich people do not know how to maximize their assets because they have no ideas or either they are afraid to lose everything that they got. Their problem is that they do not know what to do to their money for it to earn more that they ended up expending their assets and end up being broke.

Being financially smart only needs a little investment. It only needs time and knowledge to be used in the future. It does not necessarily need millions or billions in you bank accounts. All a financially smart person need to do in order to become rich is to make use of his knowledge and create an idea.

Having a unique idea, enough knowledge on business laws and accounting are the main elements needed to become rich in the future. The good thing is that all are free. A person need not to be a lawyer or an accountant to become successful in business but rather a fraction of a knowledge of the two. The basics of accounting and business law can be easily learned by anyone as long as he has the drive, passion and perseverance to learn it all.

The irony is that only a few people decides to take on entrepreneurship because they are afraid of risking their hard earned money but they are not afraid of losing all their earnings through stuffs that lose its through passage of time. Unlike a business, as long as the business operates and gains the market’s attention, it becomes more valuable and more fulfilling.

We all have our choices on our ways on how to become rich. We can sacrifice our freedom, soul or even our morals to get rich quick, but if we would do those things, are we sure that we can make use of those riches to become more richer without the trait of a financially smart person? Are those sacrifices worth to become rich? Whereas, there is the easy way of devoting our own time to increase our knowledge and become rich in the future. Which price are you willing to pay to become rich? Your soul? freedom? morals? or your time?


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