A gleam of hope


This was the early morning view I got to see in Paniman Beach Resort in Ternate, Cavite. I am very lucky to be able to see such a beautiful sight even though I had a few drinks the night before and is experiencing a little morning hangover. I immediately took a good photo out of it as it was something that I might be able to see again.

This is the best photo I can produce from that event but I will never forget the memories and happenings from that overnight stay along the beach. We were around twenty or so people and we did enjoy every moment of it. From swimming, singing, chatting and bonding with each other.

Enough of the happenings, what I want to emphasize here is the view. The view is taken around 5:00 in the morning where the sun tries to shine that you can see the rays of the sun behind the mountains. It was a gleam of hope for me that it gives me hope for the future. A future where I can pursue my dreams and still be able to live on for those dreams no matter the difficulty of attaining them.

Everyone of us have our own dreams. No matter our age, status and capability, we never stop to dream, because according to a famous individual (sorry I forgot who mentioned it) “A person dies when he stops dreaming”, thus, we should never stop dreaming. We should continue to live on for the attainment of our dreams because it is the very thing that would make us feel fulfilled in life.

Have you stopped dreaming? Will this picture do the same to you whenever you are on the verge of quitting? Feel free to speak of what you feel upon seeing the image and let me know.


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