Insights on Robert Kiyosaki’s Guide to Investing – Chapter 21


After long Chapters on Phase 1 it seems that the Phase 2 of the book is starting to trim down. Chapter 21 is another short chapter that discusses the “Categories of Investors”. The author has introduced five categories of investors that nowhere in any finance and business book I have encountered.

Okay, maybe I have encountered it before but because I am not too interested in building up my own business during my college days, I forgot those categories.

Realizing that there are 5 categories of an investor, I was in awe to realize that not all investors are the same. There are different ways an investor plays the market. That the investor himself can choose what path to take for him to become rich.

As I read through the chapter, I learned that there are only a few ways just to become rich. It’s either you are rich from the beginning that you have a lot of money to invest in or you are a knowledgeable professional when it comes to investing.

You could also be either someone who build or create your own assets or someone who learns everything from the technical knowledge that would eventually give you experience. But the most desirable category of being an investor is the last one which is the one who sells investments to the public because he was able to build up his ideas and turn them into reality and eventually into a desirable business that everyone wants to become a part owner.

Learning through the five categories of investors helped me on how I should pan out my ideas and plan for the eventual success of my future business endeavor. It might be a short chapter but it was already enough to make my financial literacy more deep and learn quite a few things that I weren’t able to learn before.


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