Something I look forward to…


Since I was a child, I really enjoy the view of the mountains, forests, falls and springs. I love every bit there is on how they were formed, how simple they are yet to me, they are some form of a treasure that only a few people give a dime attention to them. If I would be given a chance, I’ll find myself a good mountain to climb and stay for a couple of weeks or so and enjoy the environment.

I love being challenged and I feel that hiking or mountain climbing is a challenge that I would long for, but the better challenge I would love to try is to live in the mountains.

I have a lot of friends who enjoy the being on top of the world through climbing mountains and I have been invited more than I ever could have but I have doubts in myself. I doubt if I would enjoy climbing one with a lot of stuffs on a bag. Don’t get me wrong, being a grandson of a farmer, I know how lovely nature is and mountains are the best. It’s just that I feel like there were people who climb mountains too prepared for the climb.

If ever I climb one, I would like to do it like the residents of mountains do. That they live through the crops from the trees and plants the mountains provide, that they do the hard work of walking without any shoes or slippers just to stock up their water. I wanna experience how they live.

I do not want to just get up a mountain top and take a selfie. I wanna experience everything there is in the mountains. I do not want the easy life of eating canned goods that I have brought up the mountains. I don’t want to bring too much clothes for me to change once I feel that I’m dirty. Strange as it may be, hard as it may be, those are the things that I am looking forward to.

It is a form of challenge to myself that I am looking forward to. Something that once I got back home, I’ll feel blessed to have everything I have and appreciate every little thing I am so accustomed to have, compare to the life I experienced in living in the mountains. Once in a while it would make me realize that I am not the person with a thousand problems, that the life I desire is too extravagant and luxurious to what others wish for themselves. How about you? Do you also have something you are looking forward to as a challenge to yourself? Feel free to tell in the comments section and I’ll try my best to motivate you. Thanks for reading!


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