The worst place to have and not to have car


It’s Sunday and it’s going to be Monday again and this will be a familiar site again come tomorrow morning in the Philippines. This is a scene in an alternate highway in Cavite where people are very eager to get a ride to get to their office or school.

It is normal for the people in the Philippines specially in cities like Metro Manila, Cebu and Davao to experience heavy traffic all day that only until the wee hours of the night it becomes better, but there is another alarming problem the government is having that they fail to address recently.

I knew a lot of people from outside of Metro Manila who are struggling to get a ride once the ever famous LTFRB (Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board) has tighten the grip against private car owners who offer their vehicles for a ride on corporate places in Metro Manila for a fee.

Operators and car owners as such called as “colorum” are a big help to ease the problem of overloading in authorized buses that make travelling a little comfortable to the majority of the people because they are comfortably sitting unlike the common scenario in buses where passengers are literally body to body inside the aisles of bus, standing for hours in the heavy traffic that once they got off the bus, all they wanted was for the day to end and take a rest.

The government’s fight against the so-called colorums is not benefiting the greater public as it does not help those who are commuting to and from the office. Another sad story is that if you want to travel comfortably and choose to buy your own car, you will curse the traffic everyday and every night. It’s even hard to stay awake in charge of the steering wheel with the heavy traffic.

There will be people who will say that the campaign of the LTFRB is helpful but it has its flaws. They did not think of the effect on people who will come late to their school and offices just to get a ride. Not everyone is also that generous to offer their own cars for a ride for the hustle of dropping a passenger one by one that only the colorums offer.

The LTFRB has frozen the application of franchises of UV express to ease the traffic, and when they decide to tighten the grip, all those who do not have a franchise with them are at risk of having their vehicles impounded and fined of at least P 200,000.00 per vehicle.

This is the best solution that the government has thought off to ease the traffic problem in Metro Manila and other cities. They are blind on the sacrifices of the people just to learn and earn. I would not be surprised if one day, people would decide not to go to their offices and schools anymore. Way to go Philippines!


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