Have you ever been really down?


Everyone of us come to a point that we wanted to quit, that we wanted every struggle and challenge to end at the moment, that we want to run away from everybody else and turn our backs to the responsibilities that we have to take.

When we come to that point in our lives, we forgot our options. Most of us ended up enclosing ourselves to the public and carry the burden alone. Some are very vocal and would treat his/her closest friends for a meal and express the weight of the things that burdens him/her. Some seek the help of liquor and drugs to have the courage to express the disgust on everything that burdens him/her.

There are really a lot of challenges life has to offer. We should accept the fact that life as it is, is not meant to be easy. There will be challenges that would mold us and keep us moving and hanging, but we should never give up.

If life was meant to be  easy, how can we differentiate hardships from success? How can we celebrate every victory and mourn every loss? Would it still make us human? I don’t think so. If life was meant to be easy, we might be as good as robots. No feelings, no soul and no identity.

Whatever challenge you are facing right now, just stay up and never let down. Those challenges are meant for you to be stronger, fiercer and better. It could also make you smarter, more competitive and experienced. Do not see everything as a hardship, but rather something that everyone of us can learn from.

As the year is about to end, new things will start to unfold, there will be hope, there will be a fresh new start and might be new people that we can uplift. Whenever you are down, you may still do what you usually do but never ever quit. We will get through everything and achieve our goals in time.

For now, let us feel the thrill of the challenge. Let us know our limits and exceed them. Never should we quit because we are strong and we will be stronger. No matter the weight of the challenge, quitting should not be an option. If we end up as failures, we have to learn the lesson the hard way. No matter the outcome, we should always open our eyes for the good things and never focus on the failures. Keep going. Keep fighting. Never give up. You can do it.


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