Will this be the start for me?


In our Christmas party, each person has to think of a codename or alias to be used as well as a wishlist. After thinking of an alias and a wishlist, we have to write it on a piece of paper where everyone of us will have to pick one for ourselves to give a present. The alias is to bring in some mystery as well as a surprise factor so that no one will have an idea on who will be they be giving a present to. The wishlist is for the giver to have an idea on what to give to the one he picked.

On the day that everyone of us had to submit our aliases and wishlist, I cannot think of any until I saw my wallpaper. (For info, my wallpaper is Emma Watson) Then I realized that even though I have read all the Harry Potter books, one day, I would collect the books than retaining my e-books on my laptop. From that moment on, I had an idea to wish for Harry Potter book but had a hard time of thinking an alias. I thought of Hagrid, Dumbledore, Weasley, Gryffindor, Firebolt and so on. Until I realized that there exist a popular sport in the wizarding world, then I decided to go for “Quidditch”.

No one had any idea on what Quidditch is as none among my officemates know a thing about the wizarding world created by J.K. Rowling. They only reacted on the wish itself but not on the alias. They didn’t know how popular the sport is on the widarding world. It’s like soccer/football here in the real world.

Then came the party itself where I am absent due to my Godfather who felt dishonored because I didn’t attend in his birth day the last weekend, then after some sort of story to him, he then showed me the bottle of a brandy he is carrying around and told me to explain myself to his bottle. I got no choice but to accompany him be with him until we both felt the liquor and called it a day. A day that I had to be a no-show on our Christmas party.

On the next day, I am curious on what among the seven books will I receive, and I was surprised, the one who picked my alias was also absent and I had to wait another day to get this. Oh the feels! The fourth book! The book where Harry’s name was picked from the goblet. The book where Harry became popular by standing on par with those senior to him from other wizarding schools aside from Hogwarts! I can’t wait to read this one, so I’ll end this post here and thank you for reading! This could be the start of me, collecting all those books.


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