Insights on Robert Kiyosaki’s Guide to Investing – Chapter 28


It’s been days that I weren’t able to post chapter insights and I feel sorry for those who are eager to read them once I am dome on every chapter. I know how it feels, specially this week that Mr. Oda Eiichiro is on a break after giving out a good One Piece chapter last week. I know the feeling and I understand you if you feel a little disappointed to me, so here now goes Chapter 28 with the title “Keep your day job and still become rich”.

This chapter revealed the story of Mr. Kiyosaki’s road that he took after rendering his military duties. He plans to have his own business, earn a lot of money and become rich but he had also a big barrier on attaining his plans because he was in his twenties, homeless, jobless and don’t have any means of living. Ironic it is, many of us was like Mr. Kiyosaki once in our life, when we have graduated college or even after realizing that we have to stood our ground and provide for ourselves or our family, we have decided to find a job and that’s what he did.

The only difference is that Mr. Kiyosaki had a good coach in Rich dad that he gets some good pieces of advice that are very helpful in the long run. The advice given was that do not work for the money but rather work for the experience. That was really the best advice I could hear from someone. Most of us would chase the corporate ladder to have a higher pay without even thinking of where can we learn more.

The path chosen by the author was to become a sales agent. It is hard to go out and accept every rejection whenever you receive one and that was his former job. In the end, Mr. Kiyosaki was able to grasp the grip on sales and became one among the outstanding sales agent of the firm. Those vast experience he earned was essential that he was able to become successful in life. Selling is the hardest thing to do in a business perspective because you are dealing with something that is not entirely on your control, the customer’s mind.

Selling is the life blood of every business because if you are not capable of closing out a sale, your business will fall into pieces. After learning and applying sales techniques, the author was still unable to achieve his plans and so he seek the advice of rich dad. The next advice he got was to build a business part time. Rich dad didn’t advice to get a part-time job but rather a part-time business, it makes sense because a part-time job won’t get you out of employment. By building a part-time business, one can easily shift to entrepreneurship where opportunities are limitless. After those two pieces of advice, Mr. Kiyosaki is starting to realize his plans without him knowing. If only people would follow the same pattern, becoming rich is really as easy as 1-2-3.


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