Insights on Robert Kiyosaki’s Guide to Investing – Chapter 29


It was like last week or so that I started with Phase 2 of the book that answers the question “What type of investor do you want to become?” and now I am giving an insight on the last Chapter of this phase with the title “The Entrepreneurial Spirit”.

Thinking of the entrepreneurial spirit, I think I have met the feeling. For me, who have never been into a serious entrepreneurship, I may have experienced this feeling whenever I sell something to someone and generated a profit out of it. It was the feeling of gratitude because I were able to satisfy my buyers wants as well as I were able to make money out of the things that I sell.

As I go through the book, let me continue from the previous chapter where rich dad advised the author to go into business part-time. Though it seems to be hard at first, it was fruitful in the end. That advise propelled the entrepreneurial spirit of Mr. Kiyosaki that he learned a lot of things about businesses. He gained an upperhand against his colleagues who are still in employment. That very advice opened a lot of things and lessons to him.

The very same thing I did when I was a teen. Back then, I made a living of having our own desktop computer and internet connection. I used to download mp3 songs from various sources and burn CDs for sale. It was from there that I fired up my entrepreneurial spirit. Although it is not that complicated, I also had to deal with some problems like the download speed, power surges and the very thing that made me quit doing my thing, hardware issues.

From there on, I realized that in business, there will be tough times. There has to be multitude of plans to set-up, and that’s where I failed but not my spirit. Because of that experience, before venturing out into something, it made me smarter that I used to think of my action plans whenever my initial plan didn’t work out the way I wanted. It was from those experiences that I am living a better life and still had the chance to live the life I am dreaming of.

The fire I had in me was still burning, the lessons I learned have made me better and I am learning a lot of lessons from various sources such as reading, researching and listening to stories of various entrepreneurs. In time, I do hope that I would live the life I used to dream because the fire in me is still burning and this fire is what I am going to use to attain my goals, this spirit that keeps me doing what I love to do and what I desire to accomplish.


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