Insights on Robert Kiyosaki’s Guide to Investing – Chapter 30


After learning how to be mentally prepared to become an investor in Phase 1 that covers 19 Chapters, we then headed on to determine what type of investor do we want to become in Phase 2 and that spanned for 10 Chapters. We are now on the Phase 3 of the book that would answer the question “How do you build a strong business?”.

The first chapter of the third phase of the books also answers the question “Why build a business?”. It was almost the question of many people who wanted to become rich. The author himself gave three reasons why most people start their own businesses as follows:

  1. To provide excess cash flow.
  2. To sell it.
  3. To build a business and take it public.

I myself is planning to establish a business of my own. Be it a restaurant, convenience store, bar and also considering some agricultural businesses like goat raising, poultry and piggery. I do have doubts, because I am not that experienced yet on any of those fields other than the convenience store. I am also sure that everyone who have made up their minds to go into entrepreneurship went through this problem. All I have to do is figure it out myself or end up working the rest of my life.

Whenever I imagine myself dragging myself to office when I turn 40, 50 and even 60, I feel devastated. I don’t want to experience the same misery I have seen with other people. Dragging myself to office has become an everyday struggle already for me. I cannot continue to live on this life and so, I would want to add a fourth reason on why most people build a business and that would be, “to get out of employment and have financial freedom”.

The reason I added could be covered by the first reason, but not entirely. Having excess cash flow isn’t specific enough to cover the fourth reason I came up with. Going back to my plan of having a business, I still have no definite concept or idea to work up. I do not have also the enough knowledge on how to build a formidable business that would last beyond my life. Good thing though, this phase would answer the question on how to build a strong business.

I have a lot of reasons why should I start on taking the path of entrepreneurship but I still haven’t figured out how I can build a strong and lasting business. Thanks to this book that I would be able to know how to build such a business. Are you eager now to learn those things also? Let’s read on then!



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