Insights on Robert Kiyosaki’s Guide to Investing – Chapter 31


I thought the long chapters are over, but this chapter is another long one so let me focus on the title itself which is “The B-I Triangle”.

This chapter focuses on how to build a business that would last more than a lifetime. It was a triangle because there are three elements that makes a business last a lifetime and they are the mission, team and leadership. If a business is built through the same framework, the chance for the business to succeed is high.

Following the framework itself wouldn’t guarantee any success because many businesses are having a wrong mission. Most businesses aim to build a business for the money rather than aim for a greater purpose that satisfies the spiritual concept of the business. If the mission itself is to earn money, it is might better to delay or even terminate the idea of having a business because in time, it will just lead to a failed endeavor.

The motive of a business should be to serve first followed by the earning motive. It should not be to earn first and to serve after. If you want your business to last more than a lifetime and to be inherited by your offspring, you should not model your mission on an earning perspective because as time passes through, you would not enjoy what you are doing and wake up one day without any drive, passion or desire to continue doing what you usually do even though you have a lot of money.

The next thing on the B-I triangle that cannot be separated are the team and leadership. Without those two elements, there wouldn’t be a collective effort on the part of the business to pursue its mission. There will come a time that all your employees are just getting to work because they need to and not because they want to. There will also be times that you are not on the same page with your team because you are so arrogant, optimistic and isn’t open for your team’s ideas that you ended up breaking your own business.

Having a great mission, a good team and being an ideal leader for the business, it will surely be a success. There will be obstacles but as long as the three elements remain the same, the business can handle it and attain its goals.


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