Insights on Robert Kiyosaki’s Guide to Investing – Chapter 33


After the first building block in the B-I Triangle which is Cash Flow Management, what comes next is the “Communications Management”.

Communication has a wide definition but in business, it is mostly exemplified and represented by the Sales and After-Sales Team. As an Accountant, my professors have instilled to my mind that Accounting is the language of the business, but as soon as I enter the corporate world. I have realized that the real world is not as complicated as illustrated on the textbooks. That doing business can be simplified as long as everyone would come up with a truce. What complicates things is just miscommunication and mismanagement.

It becomes worse if miscommunication and mismanagement occurs at the same time. Thus, the birth of Communications Management. The aim of Communications Management is to introduce the products or services to potential clients, convincing aspiring clients to avail of the products or services and to continuously communicate with them for feedback. It may also involve one-on-one with team members to make the work environment better but it deals more with improving communications with outside parties to increase sales.

It is often said that if you are into venturing into business, you should be a good salesman yourself. It makes sense, because during startup you are the one knowledgeable enough to explain the product and answer any question that a hired sales person might not be able to answer for you.

I often belittle sales people because all they do is go out the office, look for clients along the way and the most difficult part of it ~ accept rejection. I never thought that on those meetings they have set just to introduce a product or service to a client is something that I cannot do. It’s easy to say that all they do is go out and market but if I were to do the same, I am not confident enough to speak one on one or to a group of people just to sell a product or service and be rejected at the end. I don’t have a thick skin as they do and that is something that I am planning to develop.

Communication is essential to the development and growth of a business, thus, if you plan to have one, you should also learn to develop yourself to become a better person who can explain and answer for your product or service to the public. Having such skills is a must to build the ultimate business that follows the B-I Triangle Model.


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