Best Christmas Gift Received


Let me confess first. I was about to quit writing on this blog months ago because I haven’t seen any growth or whatsoever that the number of my followers never grew from the single digits as it was from the first month of my post last February 2016.

I was about to quit writing and just focus on my usual routine but then I started to give it another chance on the last week of October. I tried to follow a few bloggers and to my surprise they followed back. From then on, I realized that for the blog to grow, I should support and read the post of others and the rest is history. From October ’till now, I were able to get a few good audience get this achievement!

I have also noticed that my writing has improved as compared to my earlier posts since February of this year. I have also became more confident in every post that gets published on this blog and for every like and comment that appreciates my writing.

I am running out of ideas just like others. I cannot also keep my word that whenever I plan to write something for a day, there will be times that I cannot come up with something. I might also have some grammar to work on. Thank God WordPress had spellchecker!

To be followed by 100 and counting fellow bloggers is an honor. I promise to keep on going and never quit as what I have done before. No matter how strange and foolish I came up with my mind, I will try my best to put my identity and style to such ideas. I never thought of having so many followers but here you are, keeping me on this hobby that I just recently discovered and learned to love.

This was an early Christmas gift that I will forever remember. Thank you to all who have uplift me and urged me to write more. This is all for you. I wish you all to have a Blessed Christmas and prosperous New Year ahead. Thanks for reading and keep on writing!


6 thoughts on “Best Christmas Gift Received

  1. Hey, congrats! I am really happy to see you grow. If you would ask me, one of the most important aspects of being a blogger is to give dedicated time to the blog. Reading, commenting, liking, replying to the comments you have received, following followers of your followers. Making sure the post, comment, like and follow is done genuinely not only for the mere purpose of doing it, but from your heart. Try to post a minimum of 1-2 blogs if none comes to mind reblog a blog that really inspired you and express your feeling on that blog. Happy blogging stay positive and keep smiling 🙂 have a wonderful day


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