Insights on Robert Kiyosaki’s Guide to Investing – Chapter 39


I took off a Christmas break in blogging too, for those who are asking. I’m sorry if I failed to finish giving insights about the book before Christmas but I am definitely sure that I will finish this before the year ends. Now heading to Chapter 39 about “The Ultimate Investor”.

Although the chapter has already been discussed somehow on Chapter 26, this chapter deals with the author’s road on becoming the ultimate investor. I was pretty amazed with the story that even though it spanned a few pages and certainly a long read, I never get bored. The way that the story has been told is like a masterpiece. I would love to read it all over again. He told it from the moment he planned it until he met someone knowledgeable enough to help him in his plan and eventually until he learned everything he can. There are obstacles and challenges in between but the best thing that this chapter taught me was to never lose faith.

Losing faith is losing all the hope that we’ve got. It can also lead to losing self-confidence, and lead to a life full of misery that only some people get over the hump with. Yes, there will be times of hopelessness, times that will lead us to giving up and times that we would want to quit in our established goals and objective. Even our great author Mr. Kiyosaki had been in the same position, but he went on.

This was entitled as “The Ultimate Investor” because after being financially free, the author now seeks the path to become an Ultimate Investor. He does not want to capture and meet the same business-minded people, he now wanted to capture everyone through the stock exchange.

It was the dream of every business enthusiast, to see a lot of people get interested to grab a minor interest in the firm or business that you had built. It goes to show that you have established a good business that everyone would want to become your co-owner. Though his means of learning it was difficult, he never failed to open his eyes to everything that he could learn from his mentor. He learned a lot better than what can be provided by an educator. Through  this chapter, I had became more certain and focused on the plans I wanted to pursue this coming year.


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