Insights on Robert Kiyosaki’s Guide to Investing – Chapter 40


Good day everyone! I missed writing! As in badly, but my body does not cooperate. Every time I would start to write, colds is winning over me so I had to take a few days off and now I am procrastinating in finishing giving these insights. What a terrible person am I for not taking good care of myself? My bad, but since I am feeling better compared to a few days before, let me continue on this one as I have a few new ideas to write on besides on this one.

Going to Chapter 40 with the title “Are you the next Billionaire?”, it was another long read. I wonder now why the author is giving long reads after having a few chapters with short reads. I think it is because he thinks that If we reached that far in reading the book, more or less, we get to communicate with him and had the same mindset. Thus, he is now asking if we are the next billionaire. Are we? Only us ourselves can answer such a question.

Being a millionaire is a long way to go, much more for being a billionaire. Only a few people get the chance to become billionaires but it has been possible for everyone of us. If you have read my insights or the books itself you would have learned a few new things that might really help you in determining the path to riches. It is now up to you on which path to take.

Reaching the billionaire landmark is really fulfilling to anyone but it is not impossible at all. All we need is to emulate the methods that work and that is through becoming an Ultimate Investor. Why? Because once people have seen your growth  ~ through consistent gain of knowledge, experience and riches ~ they would trust you with their hard earned or excess money to put into the business you are thinking of. They are now willing to go all the way with your plans on becoming rich.

Thus, once you have such kind of persons around you, it should be your aim to grab that opportunity and never waste it. You have a lot of dreams and goals with you. I know that you may never thought of a way yet on how you would attain such riches but you will figure it out just like how you did it in your first million. Being a billionaire through the path of the ultimate investor is the recommended way of the author for a reason. It may be hard in the beginning because there a few new things to learn but once you get used to it, it will be easy. Warren Buffet have done it, so as Bill Gates and many others. A lot of people have trusted their ways. Now, it’s your turn.


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