Insights on Robert Kiyosaki’s Guide to Investing – Chapter 42


And we are now down to the last chapter of the book and the last phase. The title of the phase is “Giving it Back” and the Chapter would answer the question “Are you prepared to give back?”.

This is the best phase of all as this gives fulfillment to an entrepreneur. What is the sense of having a lot of money and property if all you see are poor people struggling to live on their own? Though there are a lot of rich people that are capable of helping, they can only do that much, but still, I salute those generous bright people who have built charitable institutions for the sake of those badly in need.

At first, I never expected that this book would showcase such a chapter that would enlighten me on how to use properly the wealth to be gained through the years. Not everyone is blessed to have the financial literacy that a few have been able learn, thus the author has came up with the idea to give back to the society. He entrusted every financial literate person to give back to those in need, because that would really fulfill the spirits and soul of the giver for sure.

In this world where poverty has been a consistent problem, the author would want to instill to every successful entrepreneur to give back to the society, the persons that became your customers or consumers, because if not for them, you would not be successful. If we are not to consider them on our plans, will they be able to survive on their own?

Giving back doesn’t mean to give it all back, but rather, think and build a consistent program that would have a continuous inflow of money from the business as well as the continuous inflow of money to the charitable organizations to help those in need. Ensuring the future of others would fulfill every bone of the body because you have somehow helped a lot of people that the Government wasn’t able to help before.

Businessmen were given the knowledge about money, everyone can learn it but not everyone lives through it. Once you have learned how to live through it, you have now the power to make a choice. It’s either to be greedy and continuously make money for yourself or be generous while continuously earning money for the community. The latter sounds better and it’s the path to a peaceful life. They may call you greedy or selfish for now but they do not know your future plans for them are. I suggest to every follower that you also do the same once you became successful, because the fulfillment of the soul is the most fulfilling filling ever in life. So, never forget to give back.


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