Your Daily Dose of Business News – 13 Jan 2017


For today’s Daily Dose of Business news, I’ll talk about the CNN Money Article with the title “Google halts drone project to beam internet to rural areas“.

I am really amazed on this new idea that came to the minds behind the tech giant. They would want everyone to be connected through the internet. They really would like to make the world smaller for everyone around the world. Though the drone project that would bring the outskirts of the world into the online community was shut down, that doesn’t mean that they will stop and I love it.

They just found a better alternative to the drones through balloons. The balloons cost way cheaper than drones and it’s a good thing. I am now imagining the whole world connected to the internet, everyone from afar won’t feel the distance as long as they can see each other on Skype, Facetime or any other app. This is a big plus for those who have sacrificed to be with their families just to earn money on the other side of the world.

When this happens, businesses would find it easier to operate because those living in remote areas would be able to connect to them and buy from them online. Courier Services would also boom because not all suppliers, resellers and distributors is capable of delivering everything from the get go.

The drawback though of this project once operational is that this might reduce the productivity of employees who should be working, as well as those students who should be studying on their free time because smartphones have become affordable now and a simple smartphone could easily have access to the internet if this project of Google pushes through.

I do still hope though that this project would do more good against its drawbacks. We, the people should not be imprisoned in the internet world but rather use the internet for our convenience. Thanks for the read!

Your Daily Dose of Business News – 09 Jan 2017


My chosen article to dish out for today’s Daily Dose of Business News is about Business Insider’s “McDonald’s killed one of it’s customers’ favorite things about eating there – and now Taco Bell is cashing in“.

In order to maintain a business, an owner should be innovative and this trait seems to avoid McDonald’s. Instead of innovating their menu to still offer $1 food to their customers, they solved their problem by bundling a few items that would put the prices beyond a dollar. This made budget conscious consumers to stay away or think twice in eating out with McDonald’s. Their favorite food would now cost them more than what it used to be and they don’t like it.

Taco Bell on the other hand thought of a way on how to still capitalize on those budget conscious consumers and they are winning. Aside from not changing their dollar meals they were able to offer new dollar meals through innovating their existing products that costs less than what they used to offer. This innovation boosted their sales greatly that they are causing a massive headache on competitors.

Having a product that works is good but the product should not end there but rather be developed further. The consumers might not embrace the changes that would occur on the product that they love before if they don’t get the same thing that they love about the product. In the food industry, you have to consider the things that attracts the customers to your products. It could be the taste, ambiance, price or convenience. With the changes imposed by McDonald’s it seems that price is a great factor to their customers and didn’t figured it out.

They thought that the quality of food they serve are the contributors to their success but the consumers say otherwise. Taco Bell meanwhile are willing to the same products on the market at the same selling price but would not hit their bottom line that much. Aside from not changing their dollar meal offerings, they also offered new products that gives the budget conscious consumers a choice, and those new products are bulling their way on the menu, something that McDonald’s have failed to do.

Your Daily Dose of Business News – 08 Jan 2017


For today’s edition of Your Daily Dose of Business News, I have chosen the article about “Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Doctors“.

When I was young, I had the thinking that being a doctor is a nice profession for it offers a good pay and the help you can do to everyone is really fulfilling, but once I grew up, I never considered taking the path of being a medical practitioner because I learned that in order to have the title of a doctor, you have to spend a lot of time in studying and practicing the profession.

The time spent on average is 7 – 14 years after college based on the article and that does not count any hindrances on their way to become a doctor. Aside from the time it needs to become one, the expenses for the education, training and equipment is not a joke. Four years in college is already a tough job for my parents (and for me) to continue my studies and yet, these physicians-wanna-be have to spend 7 – 14 more years for them to practice the profession.

I had my college years behind me by 7 years and I am already sick of the corporate world. But these physicians will just be entering their chosen career and will have to endure the stress of a tiring work. Being in a corporate world, my mind is working almost 24/7 on thinking on ways on how do the job better but these physicians would have to find a way to have their mind and bodies to function almost the same time, not to mention those emergency situations where the hospital calls upon them during their sleep.

All professions are stressful but not all profession would require you that much time and money. It’s no wonder now why doctors charge such expensive fees on consultations and check-ups. The more depressing news is that the earnings of a physician was compared to a law and business school graduate and the results was really disappointing. Those who have taken the law and business paths to get a higher pay ended up having earned more than those who have sacrificed 7 – 14 years of their life to become a doctor. Those years after college have really hurt their financial progress for they cannot yet demand a nice pay if they don’t go through those requirements after college.

This article is really dedicated to the mothers out there to make a good decision. Do not push your children to a profession where they may just ended up taking their life. Do not push your children to a profession that regret in the end. Let them choose what they really want and guide them all the way till the end.

Your Daily Dose of Business News – 07 Jan 2017


For today’s Daily Dose of Business News, is about the article “Recovery Finally Yields Big Gains for Average Worker’s Pay” from The New York Times business section website.

Good news America! Seems that your President-elect Mr. Donald Trump would not have any problems when it comes to labor issues. The recovery from the recession is now being felt by the regular workers through pay hikes. The unemployment rate also of your country improved than the previous years.

But I keep on wondering, does the numbers mean nothing to Americans? Are the numbers only for a show and not necessarily indicate the true condition of the country? Have America really recovered from the 2008 market recession?

While reading on the article, there were a lot of places where the minimum wages have risen, though according to some, they have not felt it that much probably due to inflation, but there were some industries where the salaries have greatly risen like in the field of sales, financial services and technology.

Looks like those fields have lost applicants as a result of the recession. It’s a no-brainer, once the people of a community had a hard time putting food on the table, they would surely opt to spend less on education of their children. Because of the recession, it resulted to less graduates and eventually, less professionals that have the capability to perform such functions. Thus, employers are now more willing to spend for their wages and to maintain their professionals on such fields.

Those who have been able to get their diplomas are very fortunate for they have felt the recovery that much. But for those who weren’t able to finish their college degrees, they are left behind, and majority of the workforce of America was left behind. This was the primary reason why a lot of Americans are still complaining about the opportunities available for them. Yes, there are a lot employment opportunities around the country but those who are applying for the positions does not have the qualifications for the job, something that must be addressed immediately by the President-elect.

Your Daily Dose of Business News – 06 Jan 2017


For today’s business news, I would discuss the CNN Money article about “Apple is setting up shop in Samsung territory“.

The battle between these two smartphone leaders has now reached far beyond the market share and lawsuits. Now, Apple is targeting to open up their first Apple Store in Korea. This move would surely affect Samsung in terms of market share and profits because they really got a serious competitor in Apple.

Talking about the smartphone market where a lot of manufacturers have entered, it is currently lead by Samsung with 21% and closely followed by Apple with 12.5%. With the stiff competitions on the smartphone industry, the two are the clear front-runners and with this strategy of Apple to sell directly to the home country of Samsung, the gap between the two might reduce.

With the technology rich country of Korea, as well as one of the active users of social media, Apple have made a good decision. The existence of a direct competitor is a good sign for the consumers because it would result to satisfied consumers. Though, the bad thing in this scenario is that other small manufacturers might not be able to capitalize anymore.

If before, the choice was between Samsung and the small players, this time, it might boil down between Samsung and Apple which in the long run, might result to few earning manufacturers. This is really a double-edged sword that might be beneficial to one but not for the other or for the rest.

This is really something that all players in the smartphone industry must prepare for. Though it is one among the many countries in the world, Korea is a huge smartphone market because their people are very technology dependent and if not, they are technology literate and with this move of Apple, the market shares would surely be affected. Thanks for the read and have a nice day ahead!

Your Daily Dose of Business News – 04 Jan 2017


This came a day late as I had some things to do yesterday but let me share this news about “DOE orders consumer safeguards as Malampaya shutdown looms“.

This news had intrigued me a lot because of it’s effect to everyone. Power surges and power interruptions are bound to happen once these maintenance are being pushed through.

Knowing well my country, the Government cannot do anything about these kinds of stuff because they do not have the power to control the energy providers. What is bound to happen is that these energy providers would seize the moment and charge the public higher than the existing rates.

Which is the reason why the Department of Energy is informing the public to do the necessary safeguards and brace for the things bound to happen. If there is no power surge or interruptions, there will surely be price hikes on the electric bills of consumers.

With the price of oil in the world market trending upwards, these shortage of power would surely be a big blow to Filipinos around the country. Why would they pursue with the repairs when the cost of oil is trending up? Why didn’t they do it earlier?

These issues has been already the problem of the previous administration and yet, there has been no actions. Now, that there are actions to be done to ensure the supply of power, there are few more questions that needs to be answered. I do not know now who to point but I am really puzzled why was the repairs and maintenance are to be done this year?

The cost of alternative power source is not cheap and the ones who will shoulder the costs is not the Government but the public. The public, where the majority consider themselves as poor. How would they react to these changes that are bound to happen? I do expect a few new protests against the President or the Energy Secretary. I do hope that this maintenance would benefit the Filipinos in the long run and to never happen again.

Your Daily Dose of Business News – 05 Jan 2017


For today’s Daily Dose of Business News, I will be discussing about the “Record 2016 for U.S. Auto Industry; Long Road Back May Be at End

Going through the said news. It discusses about the record year of 2016 where car manufacturers have reached such a milestone. They have overtaken the previous years’ sales in units of their cars. Though it calls for a celebration, there’s a catch to it. The number of units sold were greater but manufacturers went as far as giving too much discounts on the sale of cars.

If I would be asked if this brings any good news, I would definitely say that this isn’t. If manufacturers are able to sell more than before, then they should be happy but the ones who were only happy on these scenarios are the sales agents. They have sold more than last year, 2015, that means more commissions for the agent, yet, manufacturers are even forced to give bigger discounts than the preceding year. Looking at it on the bigger picture, car manufacturers didn’t benefit at all. Some would even have to cut or change their production plans and layoff jobs just have a better profit as compared to the previous year.

The units being sold are on its peak and yet, the decisions being taken by management of these firms are telling a different story. Is the car manufacturing industry as profitable as it was before? Why do they have to layoff their employees? Why are they giving such amount of discounts? Why are they changing their production plans rapidly that they want to cater immediately with the market demands? Why are they so eager to grab a sale? Is it still safe to invest in the car manufacturing industry?

There are the questions that must be answered by the manufacturers. Yes, everybody needs a vehicle these days to go to and from where ever we wish but is there really a growth? As I look at it, I only see aggressive selling methods that went as far as giving too much discount. Yes, every business needs a sale and cars are very hard to sell, yet projections and targets of these manufacturing firms aren’t getting realistic. Seems to me that they are now gearing toward continuous growth rather than preparing for the fall. I do hope that those who have lost their jobs would be able to get new ones. I do also hope that manufacturers be able to rebound this coming year ahead not only in units sold but rather on their bottom line. Thanks for reading!