Your Daily Dose of Business News – 04 Jan 2017


This came a day late as I had some things to do yesterday but let me share this news about “DOE orders consumer safeguards as Malampaya shutdown looms“.

This news had intrigued me a lot because of it’s effect to everyone. Power surges and power interruptions are bound to happen once these maintenance are being pushed through.

Knowing well my country, the Government cannot do anything about these kinds of stuff because they do not have the power to control the energy providers. What is bound to happen is that these energy providers would seize the moment and charge the public higher than the existing rates.

Which is the reason why the Department of Energy is informing the public to do the necessary safeguards and brace for the things bound to happen. If there is no power surge or interruptions, there will surely be price hikes on the electric bills of consumers.

With the price of oil in the world market trending upwards, these shortage of power would surely be a big blow to Filipinos around the country. Why would they pursue with the repairs when the cost of oil is trending up? Why didn’t they do it earlier?

These issues has been already the problem of the previous administration and yet, there has been no actions. Now, that there are actions to be done to ensure the supply of power, there are few more questions that needs to be answered. I do not know now who to point but I am really puzzled why was the repairs and maintenance are to be done this year?

The cost of alternative power source is not cheap and the ones who will shoulder the costs is not the Government but the public. The public, where the majority consider themselves as poor. How would they react to these changes that are bound to happen? I do expect a few new protests against the President or the Energy Secretary. I do hope that this maintenance would benefit the Filipinos in the long run and to never happen again.


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