Your Daily Dose of Business News – 08 Jan 2017


For today’s edition of Your Daily Dose of Business News, I have chosen the article about “Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Doctors“.

When I was young, I had the thinking that being a doctor is a nice profession for it offers a good pay and the help you can do to everyone is really fulfilling, but once I grew up, I never considered taking the path of being a medical practitioner because I learned that in order to have the title of a doctor, you have to spend a lot of time in studying and practicing the profession.

The time spent on average is 7 – 14 years after college based on the article and that does not count any hindrances on their way to become a doctor. Aside from the time it needs to become one, the expenses for the education, training and equipment is not a joke. Four years in college is already a tough job for my parents (and for me) to continue my studies and yet, these physicians-wanna-be have to spend 7 – 14 more years for them to practice the profession.

I had my college years behind me by 7 years and I am already sick of the corporate world. But these physicians will just be entering their chosen career and will have to endure the stress of a tiring work. Being in a corporate world, my mind is working almost 24/7 on thinking on ways on how do the job better but these physicians would have to find a way to have their mind and bodies to function almost the same time, not to mention those emergency situations where the hospital calls upon them during their sleep.

All professions are stressful but not all profession would require you that much time and money. It’s no wonder now why doctors charge such expensive fees on consultations and check-ups. The more depressing news is that the earnings of a physician was compared to a law and business school graduate and the results was really disappointing. Those who have taken the law and business paths to get a higher pay ended up having earned more than those who have sacrificed 7 – 14 years of their life to become a doctor. Those years after college have really hurt their financial progress for they cannot yet demand a nice pay if they don’t go through those requirements after college.

This article is really dedicated to the mothers out there to make a good decision. Do not push your children to a profession where they may just ended up taking their life. Do not push your children to a profession that regret in the end. Let them choose what they really want and guide them all the way till the end.


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