“News about Trump” now a norm


It has been weeks since I last wrote a blog post, I’ve been busy the last few weeks but I never failed to reach for a newspaper or a news site whether local or international and it seems that everything revolves around President Ronald Trump lately.

I don’t like to put another picture of him to save his face because almost anyone already knew how he looked like and most probably knew more how he speaks that I chose to go with my usual picture that I use for the daily dose of business news.

I am now wondering as to how far can the press people can endure on writing about him and quoting every word he says in a manner that would put the President on question by critics, doubted by followers and all sort of things.

Everyone was well aware of how can a public figure can go down easily through unaccepted media practices as well as how can someone so lame and mediocre could look outstanding through their catchy artistic craftsmanship of words.

Donald Trump is the President of the most powerful and influential country of the world. Might as well say that he is the most powerful man in the World and the public has known him to be someone that you would really hate. I cannot blame the media on how they liked to write about him, he is an absolute blockbuster.

Having a headline about him would catch the attention of the haters and have the mindset of “what stupid thing did he say this time?”. Prompting everyone to read the news about him and sadly, the headlines is what captures the audience, not the content and not the bigger picture or the story behind it.

Which is why it is better to read novels, short stories or even a book series rather than reading or watching news these days because you get to know the feelings of the characters, their motives and objectives as well as to how well the story ends up in the end.

The primary goal of articles these days have really been about making money out of stories summarized by someone who never tried to do a thing or two to dig up the matter more that the unknown details would put the subject of the story on the spotlight and be questioned.

I do not wonder anymore why people are too oblivious into knowing the life of someone else than minding his own. We enjoy the thrill of how another behaves and how he handles everything, specially if that someone is the world’s most powerful. He is a public figure anyway, and the public must know his views, opinions and decisions. The very reason why I didn’t pursue an acting career (I am dreaming, support me on here). But it has to be controlled somehow.

I have written enough already. I cannot think of anything that could mend this problem. Anything about President Ronald Trump will surely be a headline and nothing can we do it in the next four years or so of his term. Treat this post as something as my outlet to tell the media to find other topics and that I am sick of the same old story about him. Yes! Him! Find a better story that could help those immigrants or just know the reasons why migration has been the thing in the last few decades. Seriously, write anything other than him.

One thought on ““News about Trump” now a norm

  1. First off, regarding the acting career, okay fine, I support you.
    Next, about Trump, or Duterte or whoever, I don’t mind that much about presidents. Maybe back then, I used to think that a president can be the hope of a country. But now, I feel different. Whatever a president may have done, whether he/she left a bad image or a good image, a president still deserves gratitude and appreciation. Ruling a country is not a trivial task. So I still look up to them for that. I just want to stop bashing presidents for good.


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