Inconsistent BIR Registration


I have been given the task of registering multiple branches of operating offices within the Metro Manila, Cavite, Bulacan and Rizal. It was a frustrating and tiring experience to do for the fact that you are to go in various Revenue District Offices (RDO) and bring a set of requirements for each branch to be registered.

Having been through eight or so RDO’s, I have been puzzled up because each and every one of them had a different process in terms of registering a branch. One would require you to go first to the Officer of the Day (OD) just for his initial, whereas some would require you to get your requirements being examined first then off you go to the depository bank.

I now wonder how this branch registration should work up after being through with various RDO’s. Considering the importance, this should only take four to five steps as follows:

  1. Have your documents examined by the authorized and knowledgeable person.
  2. If you have books or journals have it stamped and signed (if none proceed to step 3)
  3. Prepare BIR form 0605 and have it signed and stamped by an authorized personnel and go to the respective depository bank to deposit the amount on the form 0605.
  4. Give a copy of your stamped BIR form 0605 and deposit slip to the authorized BIR person.
  5. Return to the RDO on the specified date as to when the Certificate of Registration would be available.

Any other steps than the above mentioned should be eliminated since it just prolongs the process of registering a branch office.

The government service of the country is not on its best already. Every non-sense procedure taking up the time of an individual or business entity is money lost. In a country where people are already adjusting their travel time due to traffic, we cannot afford any more time to consume for those unnecessary steps that take up much of our time.

If you are looking to expand your business legally, you have to burden these procedures for every branch you want to open and it may confuse you to think that you know the process but the real fact is that you don’t. Aside from the confusion it will create on you, it might also depress you that you have expected it to take an hour or so took you a couple more of hours due to the unnecessary processes being done by various revenue offices. Those wasted time could have caused you to lose sales and profits on your business.

In a country where majority of residents are considered poor, the Government should have these little problems fixed since those who would expand their businesses would hire people and would pay them the taxes due to them.