How would I go from here?


Since I started blogging way back February, I was really eager to write but I didn’t do the right thing to do and just kept on writing. Eventually I ended up quitting on writing. I may be a horrible writer, or my points of interests are just weird that I never get the audience or it’s just that talking about business in a blog is just not as cool as everybody’s talking about until a day in October I found the Millionaire’s Digest blog page.

I was in awe! There are a thousand of followers and the content is just all about business. Then I came up with their article on how to grow a blog. Writing about all of stuffs will not get you anywhere if you will not network yourself with other writers so I decided to follow as many writers as I can and read everything. There are some that’s a pain to read while there are some that keeps you intact to their published posts. It was really a big help that from the middle of October I were able to get a few follow backs and they were reading my posts.

Why did I not do it back then? Why did I hold myself back on appreciating others’ posts? Blogging shouldn’t just be really about me. It’s a collective effort from fellow bloggers to help each other. Then upon doing the same thing and continuously writing business articles I was really amazed on how things went through. Come the full month of November and I broke and almost tripled my audience. I am now doing the right thing to do which is to network and appreciate them through giving likes and comments.

Come the month of December 2016 and it again increased! I was really amazed at the developments. I do know that this is just only a few views compared to others but this is a good new start. I don’t know where I am heading. Will the trend still continue? or this will be the start of the fall? I really don’t know but I don’t worry too much. What I know so far is that I will do the best that I can to interact with fellow bloggers and give commendations whenever they are due. I cannot read every post of all those who I follow but as long as I have the time to do it, I would love to read their posts.

Have you felt that writing is not for you? that it seems that you are not developing yourself as a writer? that no one even bother to visit your blog? then I suggest you do the same as early as possible. Network and express what you feel for everybody’s blog. It wouldn’t hurt but rather benefit you in the end. I do not know where this trend would lead me but I know one thing. I am doing the right thing from now on. Have I missed your wonderful posts lately? Feel free to comment your links and I would love to read it. May 2017 be the start of your growth. Do not be like me who stopped writing and didn’t follow good advice. Happy New Year!