The Valentine’s Madness


Here we come again in this yearly event, where you’ll see around few many people, mostly couples, eating, walking or having a picnic on a public place. It’s like they are saying to the public that they have found their “the one”, their “greatest love” and of sorts.

Valentines has really became more extravagant than your ordinary anniversary that most guys spend a month or more of their salary to make their most precious girl feel good about this day. Imagine, giving a bouquet of flowers and chocolates, then there’s a dinner or movie date to come. Oh how lovely! (and sadly how costly)

I don’t want to splurge this post regarding the costs of valentines day from a man’s point of view but I would rather discuss the madness of people have done for this day.

From today on out, watch closely those couples you are seeing, in a few months from now, the ladies you admire for their beauty and gorgeousness would become pregnant and guess what’s the most common birth month of kids these days? You’ve guess it right, it’s November.

How lovely isn’t it? Go on, search the birth rate of November as compared to the other months and you will be surprised. It’s really intriguing that after showing some sweetness the the day, those couples would make it out somehow and come a few months after, the girl gets pregnant.

What makes it obvious that the couple had it on Valentines day is the birth month of the child. If it falls on November, you’ll possibly get all smiles from the nurses and even your OB. What a lovely day indeed! So don’t raise the figures too much my friend and use contraceptives. For those who are alone like me in this lovely day, then let’s celebrate that we don’t get the chance to increase the figures and just greet everybody a happy valentines day!

Best Christmas Gift Received


Let me confess first. I was about to quit writing on this blog months ago because I haven’t seen any growth or whatsoever that the number of my followers never grew from the single digits as it was from the first month of my post last February 2016.

I was about to quit writing and just focus on my usual routine but then I started to give it another chance on the last week of October. I tried to follow a few bloggers and to my surprise they followed back. From then on, I realized that for the blog to grow, I should support and read the post of others and the rest is history. From October ’till now, I were able to get a few good audience get this achievement!

I have also noticed that my writing has improved as compared to my earlier posts since February of this year. I have also became more confident in every post that gets published on this blog and for every like and comment that appreciates my writing.

I am running out of ideas just like others. I cannot also keep my word that whenever I plan to write something for a day, there will be times that I cannot come up with something. I might also have some grammar to work on. Thank God WordPress had spellchecker!

To be followed by 100 and counting fellow bloggers is an honor. I promise to keep on going and never quit as what I have done before. No matter how strange and foolish I came up with my mind, I will try my best to put my identity and style to such ideas. I never thought of having so many followers but here you are, keeping me on this hobby that I just recently discovered and learned to love.

This was an early Christmas gift that I will forever remember. Thank you to all who have uplift me and urged me to write more. This is all for you. I wish you all to have a Blessed Christmas and prosperous New Year ahead. Thanks for reading and keep on writing!

Unexpected Hobby


It never came to my mind
That I would love the grind,
Through writing I found love
Why it took me long to find?

I used to hate to write
It never seems to be right
I have never seen the light
But now it brings me delight

I found myself now out on the corner
Thinking of a massive cover
That could gain a new follower
And someday be able to get an offer

What is this I am thinking?
Money shouldn't be my thing
I just found the joy in writing
And I thank you for reading

Have you ever been really down?


Everyone of us come to a point that we wanted to quit, that we wanted every struggle and challenge to end at the moment, that we want to run away from everybody else and turn our backs to the responsibilities that we have to take.

When we come to that point in our lives, we forgot our options. Most of us ended up enclosing ourselves to the public and carry the burden alone. Some are very vocal and would treat his/her closest friends for a meal and express the weight of the things that burdens him/her. Some seek the help of liquor and drugs to have the courage to express the disgust on everything that burdens him/her.

There are really a lot of challenges life has to offer. We should accept the fact that life as it is, is not meant to be easy. There will be challenges that would mold us and keep us moving and hanging, but we should never give up.

If life was meant to be  easy, how can we differentiate hardships from success? How can we celebrate every victory and mourn every loss? Would it still make us human? I don’t think so. If life was meant to be easy, we might be as good as robots. No feelings, no soul and no identity.

Whatever challenge you are facing right now, just stay up and never let down. Those challenges are meant for you to be stronger, fiercer and better. It could also make you smarter, more competitive and experienced. Do not see everything as a hardship, but rather something that everyone of us can learn from.

As the year is about to end, new things will start to unfold, there will be hope, there will be a fresh new start and might be new people that we can uplift. Whenever you are down, you may still do what you usually do but never ever quit. We will get through everything and achieve our goals in time.

For now, let us feel the thrill of the challenge. Let us know our limits and exceed them. Never should we quit because we are strong and we will be stronger. No matter the weight of the challenge, quitting should not be an option. If we end up as failures, we have to learn the lesson the hard way. No matter the outcome, we should always open our eyes for the good things and never focus on the failures. Keep going. Keep fighting. Never give up. You can do it.

The worst place to have and not to have car


It’s Sunday and it’s going to be Monday again and this will be a familiar site again come tomorrow morning in the Philippines. This is a scene in an alternate highway in Cavite where people are very eager to get a ride to get to their office or school.

It is normal for the people in the Philippines specially in cities like Metro Manila, Cebu and Davao to experience heavy traffic all day that only until the wee hours of the night it becomes better, but there is another alarming problem the government is having that they fail to address recently.

I knew a lot of people from outside of Metro Manila who are struggling to get a ride once the ever famous LTFRB (Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board) has tighten the grip against private car owners who offer their vehicles for a ride on corporate places in Metro Manila for a fee.

Operators and car owners as such called as “colorum” are a big help to ease the problem of overloading in authorized buses that make travelling a little comfortable to the majority of the people because they are comfortably sitting unlike the common scenario in buses where passengers are literally body to body inside the aisles of bus, standing for hours in the heavy traffic that once they got off the bus, all they wanted was for the day to end and take a rest.

The government’s fight against the so-called colorums is not benefiting the greater public as it does not help those who are commuting to and from the office. Another sad story is that if you want to travel comfortably and choose to buy your own car, you will curse the traffic everyday and every night. It’s even hard to stay awake in charge of the steering wheel with the heavy traffic.

There will be people who will say that the campaign of the LTFRB is helpful but it has its flaws. They did not think of the effect on people who will come late to their school and offices just to get a ride. Not everyone is also that generous to offer their own cars for a ride for the hustle of dropping a passenger one by one that only the colorums offer.

The LTFRB has frozen the application of franchises of UV express to ease the traffic, and when they decide to tighten the grip, all those who do not have a franchise with them are at risk of having their vehicles impounded and fined of at least P 200,000.00 per vehicle.

This is the best solution that the government has thought off to ease the traffic problem in Metro Manila and other cities. They are blind on the sacrifices of the people just to learn and earn. I would not be surprised if one day, people would decide not to go to their offices and schools anymore. Way to go Philippines!

Something I look forward to…


Since I was a child, I really enjoy the view of the mountains, forests, falls and springs. I love every bit there is on how they were formed, how simple they are yet to me, they are some form of a treasure that only a few people give a dime attention to them. If I would be given a chance, I’ll find myself a good mountain to climb and stay for a couple of weeks or so and enjoy the environment.

I love being challenged and I feel that hiking or mountain climbing is a challenge that I would long for, but the better challenge I would love to try is to live in the mountains.

I have a lot of friends who enjoy the being on top of the world through climbing mountains and I have been invited more than I ever could have but I have doubts in myself. I doubt if I would enjoy climbing one with a lot of stuffs on a bag. Don’t get me wrong, being a grandson of a farmer, I know how lovely nature is and mountains are the best. It’s just that I feel like there were people who climb mountains too prepared for the climb.

If ever I climb one, I would like to do it like the residents of mountains do. That they live through the crops from the trees and plants the mountains provide, that they do the hard work of walking without any shoes or slippers just to stock up their water. I wanna experience how they live.

I do not want to just get up a mountain top and take a selfie. I wanna experience everything there is in the mountains. I do not want the easy life of eating canned goods that I have brought up the mountains. I don’t want to bring too much clothes for me to change once I feel that I’m dirty. Strange as it may be, hard as it may be, those are the things that I am looking forward to.

It is a form of challenge to myself that I am looking forward to. Something that once I got back home, I’ll feel blessed to have everything I have and appreciate every little thing I am so accustomed to have, compare to the life I experienced in living in the mountains. Once in a while it would make me realize that I am not the person with a thousand problems, that the life I desire is too extravagant and luxurious to what others wish for themselves. How about you? Do you also have something you are looking forward to as a challenge to yourself? Feel free to tell in the comments section and I’ll try my best to motivate you. Thanks for reading!

A gleam of hope


This was the early morning view I got to see in Paniman Beach Resort in Ternate, Cavite. I am very lucky to be able to see such a beautiful sight even though I had a few drinks the night before and is experiencing a little morning hangover. I immediately took a good photo out of it as it was something that I might be able to see again.

This is the best photo I can produce from that event but I will never forget the memories and happenings from that overnight stay along the beach. We were around twenty or so people and we did enjoy every moment of it. From swimming, singing, chatting and bonding with each other.

Enough of the happenings, what I want to emphasize here is the view. The view is taken around 5:00 in the morning where the sun tries to shine that you can see the rays of the sun behind the mountains. It was a gleam of hope for me that it gives me hope for the future. A future where I can pursue my dreams and still be able to live on for those dreams no matter the difficulty of attaining them.

Everyone of us have our own dreams. No matter our age, status and capability, we never stop to dream, because according to a famous individual (sorry I forgot who mentioned it) “A person dies when he stops dreaming”, thus, we should never stop dreaming. We should continue to live on for the attainment of our dreams because it is the very thing that would make us feel fulfilled in life.

Have you stopped dreaming? Will this picture do the same to you whenever you are on the verge of quitting? Feel free to speak of what you feel upon seeing the image and let me know.