Your Daily Dose of Business News – 06 Jan 2017


For today’s business news, I would discuss the CNN Money article about “Apple is setting up shop in Samsung territory“.

The battle between these two smartphone leaders has now reached far beyond the market share and lawsuits. Now, Apple is targeting to open up their first Apple Store in Korea. This move would surely affect Samsung in terms of market share and profits because they really got a serious competitor in Apple.

Talking about the smartphone market where a lot of manufacturers have entered, it is currently lead by Samsung with 21% and closely followed by Apple with 12.5%. With the stiff competitions on the smartphone industry, the two are the clear front-runners and with this strategy of Apple to sell directly to the home country of Samsung, the gap between the two might reduce.

With the technology rich country of Korea, as well as one of the active users of social media, Apple have made a good decision. The existence of a direct competitor is a good sign for the consumers because it would result to satisfied consumers. Though, the bad thing in this scenario is that other small manufacturers might not be able to capitalize anymore.

If before, the choice was between Samsung and the small players, this time, it might boil down between Samsung and Apple which in the long run, might result to few earning manufacturers. This is really a double-edged sword that might be beneficial to one but not for the other or for the rest.

This is really something that all players in the smartphone industry must prepare for. Though it is one among the many countries in the world, Korea is a huge smartphone market because their people are very technology dependent and if not, they are technology literate and with this move of Apple, the market shares would surely be affected. Thanks for the read and have a nice day ahead!

Your Daily Dose of Business News – 04 Jan 2017


This came a day late as I had some things to do yesterday but let me share this news about “DOE orders consumer safeguards as Malampaya shutdown looms“.

This news had intrigued me a lot because of it’s effect to everyone. Power surges and power interruptions are bound to happen once these maintenance are being pushed through.

Knowing well my country, the Government cannot do anything about these kinds of stuff because they do not have the power to control the energy providers. What is bound to happen is that these energy providers would seize the moment and charge the public higher than the existing rates.

Which is the reason why the Department of Energy is informing the public to do the necessary safeguards and brace for the things bound to happen. If there is no power surge or interruptions, there will surely be price hikes on the electric bills of consumers.

With the price of oil in the world market trending upwards, these shortage of power would surely be a big blow to Filipinos around the country. Why would they pursue with the repairs when the cost of oil is trending up? Why didn’t they do it earlier?

These issues has been already the problem of the previous administration and yet, there has been no actions. Now, that there are actions to be done to ensure the supply of power, there are few more questions that needs to be answered. I do not know now who to point but I am really puzzled why was the repairs and maintenance are to be done this year?

The cost of alternative power source is not cheap and the ones who will shoulder the costs is not the Government but the public. The public, where the majority consider themselves as poor. How would they react to these changes that are bound to happen? I do expect a few new protests against the President or the Energy Secretary. I do hope that this maintenance would benefit the Filipinos in the long run and to never happen again.

Your Daily Dose of Business News – 05 Jan 2017


For today’s Daily Dose of Business News, I will be discussing about the “Record 2016 for U.S. Auto Industry; Long Road Back May Be at End

Going through the said news. It discusses about the record year of 2016 where car manufacturers have reached such a milestone. They have overtaken the previous years’ sales in units of their cars. Though it calls for a celebration, there’s a catch to it. The number of units sold were greater but manufacturers went as far as giving too much discounts on the sale of cars.

If I would be asked if this brings any good news, I would definitely say that this isn’t. If manufacturers are able to sell more than before, then they should be happy but the ones who were only happy on these scenarios are the sales agents. They have sold more than last year, 2015, that means more commissions for the agent, yet, manufacturers are even forced to give bigger discounts than the preceding year. Looking at it on the bigger picture, car manufacturers didn’t benefit at all. Some would even have to cut or change their production plans and layoff jobs just have a better profit as compared to the previous year.

The units being sold are on its peak and yet, the decisions being taken by management of these firms are telling a different story. Is the car manufacturing industry as profitable as it was before? Why do they have to layoff their employees? Why are they giving such amount of discounts? Why are they changing their production plans rapidly that they want to cater immediately with the market demands? Why are they so eager to grab a sale? Is it still safe to invest in the car manufacturing industry?

There are the questions that must be answered by the manufacturers. Yes, everybody needs a vehicle these days to go to and from where ever we wish but is there really a growth? As I look at it, I only see aggressive selling methods that went as far as giving too much discount. Yes, every business needs a sale and cars are very hard to sell, yet projections and targets of these manufacturing firms aren’t getting realistic. Seems to me that they are now gearing toward continuous growth rather than preparing for the fall. I do hope that those who have lost their jobs would be able to get new ones. I do also hope that manufacturers be able to rebound this coming year ahead not only in units sold but rather on their bottom line. Thanks for reading!

Your Daily Dose of Business News – 03 Jan 2017


newspaper-newThis came a little late for the day but nonetheless, I still do have to write a business news that might interest everyone. The chosen topic that caught my interest for today was about Oil Climbs to 18-Month High as Kuwait and Oman Fulfill OPEC Cuts.

Anything about oil is big news for businessmen. They either produce, supply or consume oil in their operations. This news is a big blow that affects everyone but the mostly affected are the consumers which are the general public. The 18-month high being mentioned on the title was about the 18-month high price of oil in the world market as a result of the cuts in production.

Economics would dictate that once the price is high, the demand would significantly decrease. That was the aim of the OPEC or the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries. Looking through the big picture, there shouldn’t be that much increase in prices because the related cuts on production was aimed to stabilize the market of bloated inventories, but China’s manufacturing firms would not agree. They are in need of oil and are desperate enough to buy petroleum products for their plant facilities, thus, the start of the price hike.

I am not blaming a country of sorts, but that’s what cited on the article. It is as if they are totally against China, whereas China is only the second largest oil consumer in the world. I really do wonder how these kind of articles would help the world in attaining continuous peace. It was as if China was singled out for consuming the bulk of the petroleum products.

Looking at the world, every country uses oil but not every country has the ability and capability to produce oil. Oil has become a commodity by every country that once its price was affected, the foreign exchange rates and commodities are also affected. With every country aiming to develop themselves, oil consumption would not decrease but rather increase moving forward unless there is a cheaper way to do efficient and effective business without the need of oil in their operations. What must be settled is to determine the equilibrium level rather than blaming a consumer.

Thank you for reading! Do you find it boring? Is it understandable? Feel free to express yourself in the comments and if you liked it, feel free to reblog.

Your Daily Dose of Business News – 02 Jan 2017


I wanted to do these a few weeks ago. This is something I came up with while reading some online news. My aim on this one is to correct my belief on what’s with the news, the way it was written, to challenge the published article on the web and give my opinion on the subject. So here I go. Wish me luck in this one as this is my first time to do this and the article I have chosen is about CNN’s published article about “These big economies suffered self-inflicted wounds in 2016”.

The article discussed the three countries whereas two of them, (the United Kingdom and Italy) were member of the famed “the Group of Seven” or simply the G7, classified as the countries with the greatest economies around the world. The other country being also a major force in Asia ~ India.

The title speaks for itself. It was about those three countries who have taken serious financial policy that worsen their economic stand throughout the world. Let’s start with the United Kingdom.

The famous and trending topic that shocked the world was the “Brexit” or the Britain Exit. It was their decision to ditch the Euro and get back on their well-known currency, the pound. Going back when I was in high school, I remember back then that the value of the UK pound was the second highest currency around the world. Yes, higher than the dollar, but now, they’ve lost their charm. Because of their decision to leave the European Union, they have struggled to get business partners around the world that inflation hit them hard. This was the country that I loved to go to when I was young but now, I have to think twice because I have to consider heavily the cost of living even in a vacation. I wonder how the life there is now that they are bringing up the pound in circulation immediately. We, in the Philippines took five long years just to change bills and our Central Bank is still struggling to have around 2 billion of bills still in circulation that shouldn’t be around. Whereas them, they put in the pound in circulation immediately. I wish them really big luck in circulating it and get through the inflation.

The next one is India, come on! the major move that they have done was to change bank notes. It was a bold move to battle counterfeit currency and tax evasion but it was done dramatically that even normal people was affected. I have seen some Facebook posts whereby an Indian citizen is enraged by the drastic move to get his hands on those new bank notes. They started the year right economically but because of this sudden move, their growth projection gets affected. What happens when growth projection is affected? Well, you would lose potential investors and even loyal investors would hold on to their money rather than bringing it in circulation to let their money work for them. There will be sudden loss of jobs, increased cost of living and even higher poverty.

Lastly we go to Italy, people have reacted and proposed a bailout or rather a total protest against the policies imposed by Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. The people succeeded in their protest and even had their leader resigned the next day after an overwhelming number of votes against his policies. Investors became nervous that they do not want the oldest bank ~ Monte dei Paschi di Siena to have their money. Having nervous investors is such a serious problems these days. Whenever they are not certain on how the things will work, they would not simply give out their money even though the returns are higher because it’s too risky. Common sense will dictate that if an unstable economy might go in your favor or against your favor because you are not certain on how the people in the economy would behave with the changes that are bound to happen. With the vacancy of their leader, there are no known methods as to how their country will run, thus, Investors are holding their money. I just do wish that they elect a leader the soonest.

And that’s it for now. I’m sorry if this was the topic I have chosen. This was something that caught my attention and all I am giving here are my opinion. If ever you had some news you want me to write on. Kindly send the link through the comments section. Have a good day ahead! Let’s get it on!

How would I go from here?


Since I started blogging way back February, I was really eager to write but I didn’t do the right thing to do and just kept on writing. Eventually I ended up quitting on writing. I may be a horrible writer, or my points of interests are just weird that I never get the audience or it’s just that talking about business in a blog is just not as cool as everybody’s talking about until a day in October I found the Millionaire’s Digest blog page.

I was in awe! There are a thousand of followers and the content is just all about business. Then I came up with their article on how to grow a blog. Writing about all of stuffs will not get you anywhere if you will not network yourself with other writers so I decided to follow as many writers as I can and read everything. There are some that’s a pain to read while there are some that keeps you intact to their published posts. It was really a big help that from the middle of October I were able to get a few follow backs and they were reading my posts.

Why did I not do it back then? Why did I hold myself back on appreciating others’ posts? Blogging shouldn’t just be really about me. It’s a collective effort from fellow bloggers to help each other. Then upon doing the same thing and continuously writing business articles I was really amazed on how things went through. Come the full month of November and I broke and almost tripled my audience. I am now doing the right thing to do which is to network and appreciate them through giving likes and comments.

Come the month of December 2016 and it again increased! I was really amazed at the developments. I do know that this is just only a few views compared to others but this is a good new start. I don’t know where I am heading. Will the trend still continue? or this will be the start of the fall? I really don’t know but I don’t worry too much. What I know so far is that I will do the best that I can to interact with fellow bloggers and give commendations whenever they are due. I cannot read every post of all those who I follow but as long as I have the time to do it, I would love to read their posts.

Have you felt that writing is not for you? that it seems that you are not developing yourself as a writer? that no one even bother to visit your blog? then I suggest you do the same as early as possible. Network and express what you feel for everybody’s blog. It wouldn’t hurt but rather benefit you in the end. I do not know where this trend would lead me but I know one thing. I am doing the right thing from now on. Have I missed your wonderful posts lately? Feel free to comment your links and I would love to read it. May 2017 be the start of your growth. Do not be like me who stopped writing and didn’t follow good advice. Happy New Year!

Insights on Robert Kiyosaki’s Guide to Investing – Conclusion


I have a lot of posts about this book. I am sorry if you are bothered or pissed off every time you see the same posts. This is something I have come up with in educating fellow bloggers and writers about the value of financial literacy. I may be a boring writer and I may have not given justice in giving out what is in store for those who are to read the book. It was my first time to give reviews, insights and reactions to a book on a written form. Normally, whenever I finish a book, I would be in awe, amazed, stunned, paralyzed and left on the book itself. The same feelings have been my reactions to this book so nothing is new actually except the learning and the burning desire to pursue entrepreneurship.

The conclusion part of the book discussed “why it no longer takes money to make money”. It discussed the transition from the agrarian age, industrial age and eventually to the information age. As the economy changes, more and more doors are opening for everyone to become rich and for now, in the information age, it was made easier. During the agrarian age in order for someone to get rich, he has to be born a royalty or get married to a royal blooded maid. It has changed though during the industrial age, as long as you have the facilities like a building, machinery and equipment that could produce a necessity, you would be rich. As long as you have the determination to realize your dreams and make it a reality, the door to become rich will be open for you. The best thing happened in the information age. Because of the internet, the opportunities have greatly increased. You do not need anymore the building and properties to start your business. All it takes is an idea that would work.

It no longer takes money to make money. An idea is sufficient enough to make money. As long as you had the idea, you can take the world by storm. I hope you enjoyed every chapter and learned something. This is the last post about this book but certainly not the last time that I will read it. It has been really a good read and I recommend that you read it too. There are now a few books I would want to read and I hope time would permit. Do you have some good books to refer for me to give two months or so to digest? Feel free to tell it on the comments and I hope it does not contain a lot of chapters. Thank you all and have a safe and blessed new year ahead of you!