The Valentine’s Madness


Here we come again in this yearly event, where you’ll see around few many people, mostly couples, eating, walking or having a picnic on a public place. It’s like they are saying to the public that they have found their “the one”, their “greatest love” and of sorts.

Valentines has really became more extravagant than your ordinary anniversary that most guys spend a month or more of their salary to make their most precious girl feel good about this day. Imagine, giving a bouquet of flowers and chocolates, then there’s a dinner or movie date to come. Oh how lovely! (and sadly how costly)

I don’t want to splurge this post regarding the costs of valentines day from a man’s point of view but I would rather discuss the madness of people have done for this day.

From today on out, watch closely those couples you are seeing, in a few months from now, the ladies you admire for their beauty and gorgeousness would become pregnant and guess what’s the most common birth month of kids these days? You’ve guess it right, it’s November.

How lovely isn’t it? Go on, search the birth rate of November as compared to the other months and you will be surprised. It’s really intriguing that after showing some sweetness the the day, those couples would make it out somehow and come a few months after, the girl gets pregnant.

What makes it obvious that the couple had it on Valentines day is the birth month of the child. If it falls on November, you’ll possibly get all smiles from the nurses and even your OB. What a lovely day indeed! So don’t raise the figures too much my friend and use contraceptives. For those who are alone like me in this lovely day, then let’s celebrate that we don’t get the chance to increase the figures and just greet everybody a happy valentines day!