Establishing the foundations


The picture is the front part of the Philippine Postal Corporation’s main building. It was intriguing as to why there are too many posts or pillars in front of the building. The design was really world class but what I would like to point out on this picture is the purpose of the pillars.

The pillars are the foundation of a building, the very thing that connects each side to the other and the elimination of it would surely deplete and cause the building to fall. The same thing goes for every business, if the lifeblood of the business would be taken from it, it will surely fall.

Building up the foundations for a business is what would make it successful in the future, thus, every business entity must be able to establish one. Without a foundation, it will be hard for a business to compete in the market and be recognized by customers. The foundation of a business could be its systems, manpower or its products and services that it offers to the public.

A business may have more than one foundation as can be observed from the picture, but it would not be acceptable if it does not have any because a business is something that is destined to operate beyond the life of its owners and employees. If its foundations would not be determined as early as possible, the owners might make decisions that would break its foundations and identity like an earthquake, typhoon or even terrorism can do to a building.

Identifying the foundations of a business is essential to the point that if it was not done correctly, it might jeopardize the identity of the firm as well as its earning potential. Once the foundations have been identified, the business owner must do all possible efforts to protect them. No matter how hard it is, he should ensure that the foundations of the business are free from breakage and must continue to hold the business like a pillar of a building.


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